Top Ten Most Anticipated Games from E3 2011

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) may have taken place nearly a fortnight ago, but with it being such a big event in the videogames industry calendar we’re still seeing coverage of the titles at the show coming from all corners of the media. Electronic Theatre’s Sunday Special feature covered the top ten announcements of the show last week, and so this week we’re getting a bit more specific: looking at the top ten games on show.

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Foxgod4483d ago

I agree mostly with this list.
Mass effect 3 and Skyrim are my most anticipated, they are pretty high up in the list.

Theres a number of other games i wanna play that didnt make the list, like the new assassins creed, tombraider, hitman, dues ex, and some more games.

ForROME4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

ALIEN: Colonial Marines, HALO 4, Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3

Bring it Chief!

Hazmat134483d ago

for me its saints row 3, skyrim, uncharted 3, battlefield3, MW3, farcry3 does it have a 2011 release date? and thats about it.

jdfoster004483d ago

Great list... Add in Resistance 3 and assassins creed revelations and that's me done for the year

Hazmat134483d ago

oh ya those too aswell. who disagree? its my fucking list of games that suites me, fucking kids.

jdfoster004483d ago

Oh and Farcry 3 is set for 2012 I think...

Jacks_Medulla4483d ago

Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Rage, and Arkham City.

zinkabass4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

Dark Souls, Diablo 3, Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 for me. I am a bit nervous about Skyrim though,.. Arkham City is going to be also great,.. Battlefield 3 for MP.

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thorstein35d ago

Dogmeat: *bark!*

Translation: you are dead to me.


You can probably add Karlach to this from BG3


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Yi-Long50d ago

I liked the Red Dead 2 opening, certainly didn’t feel like a slog to me, but I enjoyed that whole game so for those who were just expecting ‘GTA but with cowboys’, that was probably not the opening they expected, and Red Dead 2 wasn’t the game they were hoping for …

First game that came to mind when I read the title, was Watch Dogs 2, because you’re expecting an open world sandbox game in sunny colorful San Francisco, and instead that opening has you crawling and sneaking around an incredibly boring office building …

PrimeVinister50d ago

Watch Dogs 2 is a decent game but not really a classic. The opening is awful though. You got that right.

I loved the RDR 2 opening hours the first time but going back to restart it is where the rub lies for me.

Yi-Long50d ago

Yeah, I agree it’s not a classic, but it was the first game I thought of where I really thought; Why would you make that design choice!? If you’re gonna do a thing like that in order to teach the player some basic sneaking controls, at least make the location a bit more interesting, like an abandoned theme park or gorgeous temple or whatever, but now the gameplay was restrictive and boring, but also the location itself.

PrimeVinister50d ago

@Yi-Long Definitely true re the worst possible choices being made for the opener of Watch Dogs 2. I did enjoy WD2 overall but that intro is baffling :-D

shammgod50d ago

Red Dead 2 opening was trash