Rothbart's Rant #44 - "GameStop Clerks"

I would much rather go to a Wal-mart or Target and get a game (often cheaper than GameStop) unless I'm forced to by selection or availability. And yeah, I realize they're forced to do all of those hard-sell lines and the phone greetings, but that doesn't mean that I as a customer have to like it. And I don't. If any GameStop corporate folks are reading this, your pushiness is pushing me elsewhere. If anything, I use your store as a place to see what I want to buy elsewhere. Stop putting your stores in high priced malls where you're forced to hard sell stuff at full retail price just to stay afloat. I would NEVER buy a $55 used game when the new game is $4.99 more. And I am completely turned off by the "unwrapped" new games or especially "re-wrapped" new games.

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