Is U.S. stuck in Internet's slow lane?

NEW YORK - The United States is starting to look like a slowpoke on the Internet. Examples abound of countries that have faster and cheaper broadband connections, and more of their population connected to them.

What's less clear is how badly the country that gave birth to the Internet is doing, and whether the government needs to step in and do something about it. The Bush administration has tried to foster broadband adoption with a hands-off approach. If that's seen as a failure by the next administration, the policy may change.

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bumnut4876d ago

we get shafted on everything over here. and our internet access is among the slowest in the world.

my friend has 8 meg adsl, but only gets 512kb due to the distance from the telephone exchange.

mesh14876d ago

SAME lodnon here 8mb and downloads ar eon 1mbbroadband uk net is slowmaxx 2mbconnection tbh

Zhuk4876d ago

try living in Australia where we have 'data caps' (I personally can't use more than 12gb a month) and pay 2 to 3 times what the US pays for equivalent level of service.

cow moolester4876d ago

Your all wrong...Here in Ireland we have the worst broadband...Speeds of 8mb have only been introduced..paying 40 euro for 2mb connection which is about 60 dollars

The Swordsman4876d ago

Oh yes, that's true, it's terribly slow. I was over in America during the summer and the connection there was far faster than it is here in Ireland. They're the lucky ones.

SW4876d ago

The writer of the article really doesn't delve to deep into this subject. He states that larger telco's don't want to invest. He couldn't be more wrong on this point. Speaking only from a Verizon stand point they have been aggressively deploying FIOS in their footprint. Hell it seems like they can't deploy it fast enough. But it is a huge undertaking to change out all of the copper backbone and replacing it with fiber. It isn't cheap either.
What they fail to touch on is that a lot of the hold up to this is due to video licensing. Why would that hold up the process though? In certain states in the country you must go town by town to acquire a licence for that area. What is happening is local officials are seeing this as an opportunity to blackmail the telcos into giving the city or town what they need. Like firetrucks, rescue equipment and they such. I'm sure the fierce compition from cable not wanting the telcos to provide video does not help either. So the telcos take the stand of We are already spending millions to upgrade our system why pay more to get a licence, well we just won't deploy in that town. They move on to greener pastures. So Cable and Politicians are really holding up the telco's progress.
Here we have Cox. They had no ambition to upgrade their data speeds until the local telcom boosted their dsl speeds and installed FIOS in three local communities three years ago.

YoMeViet4876d ago

so true. I'm actually on dial-up at home, i only college internet. in fact it doesn't even go up to 56k, more like 31.2k...

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