Small layoffs at EA follow three years of declining profits

Electronic Arts laid off a "small" portion of its workforce this week, the video game publishing giant confirmed Friday.

Company spokeswoman Holly Rockwood declined to say how many or what portion of EA's employees were affected, but said the amount was not "material" to the company's overall business.

The layoffs affected employees in the company's studio, publishing and corporate divisions, and among those affected were an unspecified number based at the company's headquarters in Redwood City, she said.

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Dark_Overlord4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

put some effort into making the games and maybe some innovation and you will eventually make a bigger profit, not keep releasing lazy ass versions of each game

crazy250004865d ago

yeah i agree with you man, ea is on my bad list, i wont buy any game from them until i play it at a friends or get good reviews for ps3 version

dfb19774865d ago

EA are employing more people in Europe though. Seen a few adverts for quite a few positions recently.

They are probably just shifting resources so they can have more a developer presence over here. Same with all large corporations, they have an expense budget and use it where they feel it suits them best at the time.

Tryst4865d ago

I'd never ever buy and EA game. Pure corporate greed right there.

Their half-assed games are a joke. They are the McDonalds of the game development world.

jiggyjay4865d ago

Its sad that Bioware is now part of EA!