TGH: Duke Nukem Forever Video Review

TGH Writes: "The time has finally come after many vaporware of the year awards. Duke is finally out of development hell and into the hands of millions. But is Duke Nukem Forever worth the 12 year waiting period? Lets find out."

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ShadyDevil4690d ago

Hail to the king baby! The game really is a 7/10-3.5 type of game. its good, but not spectacular or great.

DarkTower8054690d ago

I agree, 7/10 is what I would give it too. I just beat Octoking and so far I like this game. The humor is great and the graphics are good enough. Definately worth a rent, but not a buy.

DarkFantasy4690d ago

still worth a pick up once the price go's down,not mind blowing but entertaining :P


Gearbox confirms layoffs following sale by Embracer

Gearbox Entertainment has confirmed layoffs at the company, following the announcement of its sale by Embracer.

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UltimateOwnage17d ago

I’m glad Embracer is selling them. I hope someone other than MS buys them and frees them up to make great games.

Knightofelemia17d ago

Says right in the article Take Two bought Gearbox off of Embracer.

Sgt_Slaughter17d ago

Reading the article is hard for most people it seems

Knightofelemia16d ago

@Sgt Slaughter

I just like how when a studio automatically goes up for sale. People automatically think Microsoft is just going to jump on it like a fat kit eating a cake.

SimpleSlave17d ago

I mean, having multiple CEOs is a redundancy, soooo... Good luck Randy!!!


Layoffs Hit Gearbox Staff Hours After Embracer Sale

Less than a day after the news that Take-Two Interactive would acquire Borderlands developer Gearbox Entertainment from the embattled Embracer Group, layoffs have already begun. In the hours since former Gearbox employees were made redundant, they've taken to Twitter, and while the total number of staff impacted remains hard to determine, it sounds significant.

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Knightofelemia23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I am glad to see Gearbox under Take Two. But lay offs I am not surprised they aren't the only company cutting staff and they won't be the last. And I have a feeling the Borderlands movie honestly will tank when it comes out. The cast is just wow a complete mess Lilith is too old Roland is to small and scrawny. They are missing Brick and Mordecai and I don't think Tiny Tina will be as bat shit nuts as she is in the games.

22d ago
Inverno22d ago

The movie will definitely flop. It has all the usual actors that have casted in all these video game movie adaptations. Whenever I see Kevin Hart or The Rock or Jack Black i just know it's a cash grab. More so when it's all three together. (The Rock isn't in it)

Juancho5122d ago

When you see actors like that in a movie you can expect it to be bad, i definitely do. They have good chemistry but the movie doesnt shine because it just banks on their presence and people going to see them.

Inverno22d ago

Pfft, literally said yesterday how it must be nerve wracking for the devs and then this shite. People aren't looking to get fired, and these companies don't care in the slightest.

Andrew33622d ago

People aren't looking to get fired. Good insight.

kaos8922d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Inflation post 1/20/2020 is really causing pain to everyone. The cherry on top was companies waiting post 11/8/2022 to start doing layoffs. Hmm, I wonder why they waited past that date... Staring with Google in January 2023 and everyone following suit there after.

anast22d ago

Companies that over-hire should be fined heavily and the CEO loses his/her bonus during layoffs, and that money can go to the workers that they laid off.

Leeroyw22d ago

There's a lot going on in this post that needs further scrutiny.

anast22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

It's a game forum. But you are free to chose one and argue it.

Shiore2u22d ago

I hope Pitchford got let go for the sake of employee safty. The man is a walking grease fire waiting to happen.


Borderlands 4 And Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 2 Leaked

Multiple future Gearbox Software projects, including Borderlands 4 and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 2 have been spotted.

Kaii152d ago

Hopefully, they fired the entire writing team after B3 cause that dialogue was truly atrocious.

jeromeface152d ago

doubtful... this is gearbox we're talking about.. Randy thinks everything the studio does is gold because he has a bad concept of reality

DrDoomer152d ago

FFS make something else. If you can't make anything new, at least bring back Brothers In Arms or something.

-Foxtrot152d ago

I know it will never happen (for obvious story reasons that's happened) but I wish we could play the original Vault hunters again with new abilities you could choose to develop in a skill branch. Never really felt I could get behind most of them after the first game, especially move wise. Lilith's phase walk will always be the best to me.

Speaking of Lilith, I'm kind of wondering how they'll get around the whole Siren thing since they wrote themselves into a corner saying there's "only 6 Sirens in the entire universe" and now thanks to Borderlines 3 they apparently pass on their abilities meaning once we see each of 6 powers available that's it, no new brand new ones. I don't know why they don't just say there's more than 6 since all of them in the ENTIRE Universe just conveniently coming to Pandora is a bit strange.

BrainSyphoned152d ago

That's super easy to get around. Each person that has the skill could have their own personal spin on it. There could be a new power that morphs them into something else. One of the weapon manufacturers could experiment on 5 of the Sirens and the 6th would have to fight a horde of siren powered bad guys to rescue the others. Fiction has been there and done that with power more complex or simple thousands of times before.

As for revisting the first game? That would be totally unlike the gaming industry to reboot a series...