High-def DVD battle heats up (source: how Warner will pick a side)

The film industry trade journal The Hollywood Reporter reports from the gala launch party for Blu-ray editions of "Cars" and "Ratatouille." At the party, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment worldwide president and Blu-ray proponent Bob Chapek blasted the rival HD DVD camp with fierce rhetoric; Fox Home Entertainment president Mike Dunn chastised Paramount and blasted Microsoft with harsh statements; and Warner High-Definition Media VP Dan Silverberg admitted "one thing that may be changing is our strategy," and that a change could come as early as the end of the fourth quarter.

Most notably, The Hollywood Reporter reveals how Warner will decide if they will go with Blu-ray or HD DVD:

"A Warner source said the studio is watching what happens now that Wal-Mart and other big retailers are selling entry-level Toshiba HD DVD players for less than $200, about half what the cheapest Blu-ray player costs. If there is a significant spike in HD DVD software sales, the studio may cast its lot with that format, whereas if there is no real impact, Warner may go Blu-ray only."

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Bigmac5734869d ago

"The Sony-developed format received another boost during the Blu-ray Festival when the Home Theater Specialists of America, a national buying consortium of 62 dealers and 800 installers with combined annual revenue of more than a half-billion dollars, officially endorsed Blu-ray Disc as its next-generation format of choice."

cuco334868d ago

Don't take anything BDA says to the heart, ESPECIALLY at a Blu-ray festival...

For the record, Warner today has delayed Twister for both formats back to May '08. If that doesn't speak 'we're staying neutral', I don't know what does.

pwnsause4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

How much is the cheapest HD-DVD player right now, $170-$200 dollars right? so if this doesnt sell, then we can officially say that HD-DVD is in the red, just to give you guys a good idea on how the Toshiba HD-A2 is selling (the entry level HD-DVD player which is currently at about $200 at amazon) its currently ranked 27 in electronics on amazon, and is currently number 1 in standalone HD-DVD players (xbox 360 is ranked number one, but it doesnt include HD-DVD addon, which is ranked 4th) blu-ray standalone players are ranked 429 and above, but if you include the PS3 in the picture(which has BD player Built in), Blu-ray is selling like crazy because of the PS3, 80gb is ranked 1 in BLu-ray.
This is the Reason why BD Movies are selling more than HD-DVD all the time.

HD-DVD has been a dying format since the release of the PS3. People who say that the PS3 isnt doing damage to HD-DVD because its a video game system or that no one uses the system to play movies with it are wrong. because why is blu-ray moving so many software sales if the stand alone players arent selling? or how did Blu-ray turned it around in January when HD-DVD was leading with cheaper stand alone players at the time(BD stand alone players were at $1000 dollars at the time)? Answer, The PS3. PS3 being a gaming system and a Blu-ray Disc player at $600 dollars at launch day was a big deal for people who wanted to watch movies in HD, it was $400 dollars cheaper than a standalone Blu-Ray disc player at the time and does more than a standalone Blu-ray Disc player. the PS3 being the cheapest BD player since launch encouraged people to buy one Look at any statistic about the format war, it will tell you the same thing.

This is the reason why Blu-ray movies sell more than HD-DVD, which concerns the Movie Studios alot becuase they are trying to make money off of software. This is why exclusive movie studios like Disney and Fox arent jumping ship. their sales targets exceed the number of movies sold, sure they can sell more by going multi, but for what, to have a never ending format war?

HD-DVD would have been destroying blu-ray if the 360 launched with a HD-DVD player built in, but it didnt happen, and it will never happen. Even if Microsoft adds a HD-DVD player built in to the 360, it will be too late. The xbox 360 elite showed Microsofts commitment to HD-DVD. BTW here are the sites I took for the statistics I showed in this post.

Note: takes statistics based on amazon sales charts, these charts gives you an Idea on how products are selling on Amazon and how they are selling in other stores based on Demand.

BTW, sorry for the long post and R.I.P. HD-DVD 2006-2007.

IdontTakeSides4869d ago

MEH..I will say it again


so can those cheap HD-DVD player even manage the 51GB..???

C_SoL4869d ago

Blu stays tru, while red becomes dead.

whateva4869d ago

if VCRs and DVD players can live together why can't HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.

season0074869d ago

after november and blu ray still outsells HD DVD.....we can say good bye to it..

I think i am going to contribute by getting both spiderman and POTC trilogy then...first , i want those...second, i want it to come to an end

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