Virtua Fighter 5 for the Xbox 360 gets a Perfect 10 from 1up

Virtua Fighter 5 for the Xbox 360 gets a perfect score from 1up beating the PS3 version not only in terms of slightly better visuals but added game play elements like Online play.

"If you love fighting games and want to play a fighter that continually unveils new wrinkles day in and day out and rewards dedication like no other, this is the game to get. Virtua Fighter 5 may not have kangaroos or weapons or bridges to fall off of, but it has unmatched playability as its calling card, and that's the only thing that counts."

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sonarus4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

lol why am i not suprised. got a 9.5 on ps3 all it needed was online for perfect

InMyOpinion4870d ago

Yup. But people will say that 1UP are biased. As usual. Are there any gamingsites left that are'nt biased? Could someone make me a list of them? lol!

Twist964870d ago

The article included notes about more polished graphics, storing profiles on the memory card and playing with them on other consoles, more items, armour and acessories, as well as online play.

mark094870d ago

wow why is it that in every positive xbox360 news comment area all you can find is PS3 bashing. amazing

jiggyjay4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Here comes the TRUE next gen Virtual Fighter! Comes with rumble, better graphics and online! Poor Sony Fanboys!

[email protected] Tekken will also be on the 360 mark my words!

LeonSKennedy4Life4870d ago

Um...we have Tekken:Dark Resurrection...which got better reviews, it costs less, has more fighters, and definitely better mechanics. It's online also...without LAG.

BTW...Virtua Fighter 5 is a fighter. Do you know what that means? That means you need a d-pad to play it. Does the 360 even have a d-pad? has that weird, button thingy...

ActionBastard4870d ago

You read how the reviewer said it looked the same as PS3, right?

BloodySinner4870d ago

Yeah, Tekken also happens to be on your PSP & PlayStation 2.

Omegasyde4870d ago

The more time that is put into a game for development the better. Kudo's to new the new virtua fighter 5 owners on the 360, this game is great on both consoles but even better with the online. A must buy since its online for 360 owners and is definitely better than dead or alive.

I would hope a game would be better after 9 months of development for the 360. Online is a def + but it is funny how 1up is the only site saying that the graphics are better on this build (360) where other sites have stated the opposite. We all know 1up loyalty is for (360up!)

So will "virtua fighter 6" be a multi platform release now? Hmmm. if this game proves successful Tekken 6 may go to the 360 after all.

Skerj4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

But Tekken is only online on the PS3 version.

LeonSKennedy4Life4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

It's online on the PSP version too.

The point here is a 20 dollar PSP/PS3 game is better than a full-fledged 50-60 dollar 360 game. Get my point? them side-by-side. Tekken just destroys this game.

EDIT: No...I'm really not. I didn't get it because fighters shouldn't cost more than 20 bucks. They're not worth it. According to reviews...Tekken's better. I'm not mad about no online play either. I could care less about online play in a fighter. I have Tekken also. What's your point here, dude? Do you not get that Tekken is just the better/cheaper game?

EDIT 2: is online though. The system says ad-hoc only...but you can actually use the network.

BloodySinner4870d ago

The fighting engine in VF5 is more advanced that anything out to date. You're just mad that the PS3 version of the title does not support online play. So you go through the trouble of calling Tekken the best thing ever. =/

Skerj4870d ago

The PSP version isn't online unless you're talking about the Xlink workaround or you mean the Ghost downloads.

Omegasyde4870d ago

Virtual fighter got better reviews and believe it or not it is a better game. The 360 has a real winner with this game being online for the 360 and beats the ps3 just because of that.

The only way you can compare virtual fighter 5 and tekken 5 is Value.

In that care Tekken 5 wins and that is a no brainer. $30>$60

mesh14870d ago

TO OMEGA SYDE if ur only saying 1 site is sayingits better than the ps3 vf5 which stated by well knowngame site unlike when ps3fandriods sayt the cod4 version is better stated by an unknown site while we all know cod4 o 360 is better also.

Play B3yond4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Lmao you wish tekken was for the 360 but srry thats just another great exclusive for the 1 and only PS3.
Btw...this article has my picture lol

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durran34870d ago

please approve this lol i want to become a contributor rofl

power of Green 4870d ago

That was fast I was reading the preview just minutes ago now the full review is out(whoops I was looking at the user reviews earlier).

Chris_GTR14870d ago

i see you have the GROL. :)

power of Green 4870d ago

Has anybody noticed PS3 ports or games that had PS3 in mind have better sound then the older Xbox only games?.