Mark Reign praises the ps3 version of Unreal Tournament 3

The words have come right from the mouth of Mark in Epic's official forums

This is what Mark said :-

" I was playing the PS3 build for a few hours tonight and it is really, really fantastic. Amazingly smooth and solid. I think you PS3 users are in for a huge treat with UT3."

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HarryEtTubMan4871d ago

HAHA Did I read Mark Rein? WOOWWW this is going to be sooo good!

kingofps34871d ago Show
Kaze884870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Its always on either way. when we got Oblivion or Graw2 which were lil better than the xbox360 versions you guys were like "yeh but we got it first on xbox360 hahahahah bla bla bla". Same reaction was when capcom anounced that ps3 is getting Lost planet -_-

Now when Ps3 gets some game first its like "well it will look better on xbox360 so i dont care if i get it later"

Pretty lame fanatic sh*t i say!

ArduousAndy4870d ago

dont know why you guys are making a big deal about this. what did you expect him to say.
"Just played this for an hour or so. This game sucks don't buy it."
Its his game. Even if its a piece of crap in a box hes going to tell you its going to be amazing.

Look at Factor 5 with Lair. They said it would be the greatest thing ever. And we know how that game turned out.

masterg4870d ago

My bet is the PS3 version is going to look better than 90% of what you will see on PC. The high end PC's only get a tiny graphics improvement vs the PS3.

If you don't have a top of the line (upgraded within the last 6 month) PC the PS3 version will be where your money should be placed.

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Hagaf224871d ago

we'll see, hes probably right but ill believe it when the copy's in my ps3...

solidt124871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

See for yourself!!!!!!!!! Click to watch the video and preview

They said it is more pick up and play than Halo

smirx4871d ago

Uhm, watching that video was way the f*ck better than reading a three sentence post by Mark Reign! Why wasn't this video the main story? Thanks solidt12.

Panthers4870d ago

It was already posted a while ago. I remember seeing that video on this site.

Jamaicangmr4870d ago

Thats a great find solidt12 + bubble for you. "No dumb framerate problem" Yeah didnt wanna get be gettin another shooter this year but would hate to miss out on this.

felidae4870d ago

man, nothing is like Halo.

boodybandit4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Actually nothing is like Unreal Tournament. I have played nearly every FPS and TPS game ever made and UT is one of the easiest games to jump into and hardest to master. The fast and frenzy style gameplay is (now of course this is just my opinion) unparalleled.

The people in the video didn't say UT was better than Halo but that is was just easier to pick up and play. Halo is a slower paced game that has a higher learning curve out of the gate.

Kleptic4870d ago

good footage...but the crew at 1up is comprised of total douchebags...omg that kids hair...worst human hair of all time...

joydestroy4870d ago

yeah guys, there's a f*ck ton at and they all look amazing. the colors are so vibrant and it looks so fluid.

an amazing game that needs to be released THIS YEAR ON PS3!!!!!!!!!!

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neogeo4870d ago

I was joking. I dont own a 360 just a PS3/Wii

Kaze884870d ago

Well neogeo still most of xbox360 owners (some here and other forums) say that when these things happen.

gtgcoolkid4871d ago

It sounds like they are close. Damn it, I so want it. Announce the release date dang it, announce it.

unrealchris4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

if it comes out next year might as well give us a demo like the pc to test the online etc