Gametrailers review of Clive Barkers Jericho for PS3 and Xbox 360

Is Clive Barker's new game damned or is redemption still possible?

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Shaka2K64865d ago

Meh reminds me of doom.

smirx4865d ago

First off, I wanna say that this game looks mediocre on both consoles. Anyways, I'm planning on getting a 40gb PS3 this Friday... I'm getting a little nervous after reading some of the articles posted on N4G today!:

PES 2008 Review: Bad Framerate on PS3, Good on 360
VF5 Review: Bad Framerate on PS3 due too hardware issues, Great on 360
Jericho Video Review: "Framerate slows down to molasses, especially on PS3"- Gametrailer

So, I don't know, starting to second guess my decision. In all honesty, the only thing really keeping me on the PS3 trail is Blu-Ray. Gulp.

Hapimeses4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

Well, as a recent PS3 purchaser, I'm 100% happy with my purchase. There are a ton of amazing exclusives coming to PS3, and the quality of the multi-platform games are significantly increasing, and in some cases improving upon Xbox equivalents. However, as you say, Xbox also has games that seem to run better on it. That is just way way of things in a multi-platform market -- sometimes one machine is better, somtimes the other is. However, this will become less of an issue as people grow used to programming for the PS3. Look at Uncharted to see what I mean, and Naughty Dog are convinced they will do /far/ better with future releases, which is quite frankly stunning.

The big pluses for me so far are lag-free online play, even with 40 players on Resistance: Fall of Man, all the multi-media options, the exclusives coming already, and coming very soon (including everything from Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, and Singstar to Haze, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy, and that doesn't even touch on other great games like Unreal Tournament 3 coming first to PS3 or the incoming rumours of Jak and Daxter), the silent running of the machine, the reliability, free online play, and much more.

But, in the end, it's your choice, go with the console that provides you with what you want. I have, and I'm extraordinarily happy. I have grown to really love my PS3, and I've only had it a few weeks!


SofaKingReetodded4865d ago

VF:5 had no framerate issues on the PS3, stop spreading FUD.

P4KY B4865d ago

Buy whichever console has the games you want to play right now!
If you like online play get the console that most of your friends have.

Don't let Blu-ray cloud your judgement, in 12 months Blu-ray players will be a fraction of the price they are now.


as someone else said above, go for the one that has the games you want to play, thats the best choice you can make.

I own both systems, i like my ps3, but i like my 360 more. There are great games on both systems, so it really depends on what you want to play or do.

to be honest i don't play much on my ps3, i have always loved the PS brand for tekken and thats the first game i got on it. Warhawk is awesome but there are lots of multiplayer games on the 360 that i think are just as good.

it just depends what you enjoy doing. for the cross platform stuff, it just makes more sense to buy them on the 360, they tend to be cheaper to buy and as pointed out so far there has not been huge differences between the two.

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wangdiddy824865d ago

dude i have no doubt in my mind you will love the ps3 when you get it.. There are plenty of awesome games to play on it and tons of awesome blu ray movies to watch on it..

PES 2008. both versions have there issues.. Ps3 has this and the 360 has that..

VF5. I didnt like the game. But most reviewers say the game looks the same as the ps3 version.. No difference.. Only difference online..

Jericho. Why the hell would you waste your money on this crap when you have way better games to play?

Dude go spend your money on the goods, resistence, motorstorm, heavenly sword, warhawk, ratchet and clank, uncharted, COD4, haze, and UT3.. You have a lot of games to play..

smirx4865d ago

you know what, I guess it's pretty stupid of me to focus on bad framerates of games I'm not even interested in. All the games I want have no problems! I hope I'm still able to get a 40gb on friday, I have a feeling that model will sell out quick!