5 Reasons to get excited for Modern Warfare 3

aGamingSite writes: 'You probably saw our top 5 reasons that you shouldn't get excited for MW3 a couple of days ago, and we heard your criticism. Here is the other side of the story - 5 reasons to get excited for Modern Warfare 3.'

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BLACKBOIJONES2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

And d cod trolls comes in 5-4-3-2-1 saying d same old shit about y dey hate cod wen in reality no one gives a fuck what they say and millions r still online enjoying d Multi player.. For u ignorant fuckers saying cod is just a campers paradise then what do u call da marksman class in killzone 3...u get a camper who is invincible that scrambles ur radar with a machine pistol that has a silencer so wen u shot u can't detect it and wen u kill wiv d silencer u still Stay invibsible... I blive that's worst than cod camping.

jon12342678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

i normally like to comment about why call of duty is a bad game, but instead prefer on commenting on your horrible grammar, haha damn dude if your going to try and defend this game, at least try to make sense and not sound like an idiot, you fit the stereotypical call of duty player, that everyone loves to hate...

i was hoping for a reply from you to see what you had to say but you have no bubbles :(

iGaMei2678d ago

My younger 17 year old brother spells just like that and I really don't understand why. He says its a lot faster typing da instead of THE .

jon12342678d ago

i can top that i know a girl

wHo TYpEs LiKee THiS alL tHe tImEE

and then i saw her at a party the other day, i felt like punching her...

Tank_Commander_E62678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

It's a black thing? ; )

I like BBJ (<-look that up on urban dictionary lol) he's a diehard PS3 soldier and we need more like him but his COD fanboyism can get out of hand sometimes.

jon12342678d ago

i looked it up, nice bbj bare blow jobs

Tank_Commander_E62678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Bareback BJ and it's a term escorts use. lol

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Kyosuke_Sanada2678d ago

That's why they have the class "Tactician" as a counter which spots and mark people regardless of disguise and visibility for 30 metres.

You should expand your play style or find a team that isn't all the same class (which is rare in any game nowadays) before complaining about one or two annoyances.

In my opinion, Killzone 2 had the right idea from the start for classes, lobbies and other things. I don't know why they suddenly decided fix what isn't broken.

SephirothX212678d ago

CoD is a great game for brainless skill-less children. We need games tailored for people with disabilities and in this regard, the CoD franchise delivers in spades. Thus, these people can play MW3 while hardcore gamers can play BF3. It's a win win situation. I would personally like to thank Activision for their continued support of disabled young gamers. There are not enough games in the market that target such an audience. IW also need to be commended for ensuring that their games continue to require no intelligence whatsoever to pick up and play. My fear is that mentally disabled gamers are finding CoD too easy to play and Battlefield too difficult. IW should change this for MW3 to give gamers the ability to somewhat aim for themselves. This would give the game a little bit of challenge.

JeffGUNZ2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

I plan on picking up Gears over the other two you mentioned, but when was gaming suppose to involve all this thinking? You want a real hardcore military experience? Join the f*cking military. Games are supopse to be fun and entertaining. People find COD to be fun, that's great for them.

By the way you moron, the last installment of COD gave the option to turn off aim-assist.

Enjoy your battlefield 3 where 3/4 of your squad is a sniper with no microphone and you get sniped ever 45 seconds.

SephirothX212674d ago

Moron? You say join the military? So for a shooting challenge we must put our lives on the line? Yeah you're a very smart individual. Battlefield 3 will fix the sniping issue. It doesn't matter whether aim-assist could be turned off because you can't be guaranteed that players are not using it online. Thus causing unbalancing. I don't know why you're getting so angry. I praised the CoD franchise. After all, we need games that are tailored to the needs of disabled people like yourself. Gears might be a bit too tough for you though. I recommend a Wii. If you play CoD, that's fine with me. I don't mean to be condescending.

PS. Condescending means looking down at someone.

BlitzAK2678d ago

Any game at competitive level is hard and requires skill, even CoD, but some demand a higher level of skill.

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abc12332678d ago

One reason not to get excited for Modern Warfare 3:
It'll suck.

AstroZombie12678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

There's a lot of hope thrown in there given IW's track record of support post launch I can understand why.

Also I don't think anyone sees DLC as a reason to get excited when again the track record has been $15/£11 a pop.

Hufandpuf2678d ago

This list is stupid, half of these weren't explained or even mentioned in detail. How can you draw conclusions based off of that.

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