Panasonic intros next-gen Blu-ray player - First Bonus View (Profile 1.1) Compliant player

Panasonic has announced the introduction of the DMP-BD30, which the company calls the next generation High Definition 1080p Blu-ray Disc player. The DMP-BD30 is the first standalone Blu-ray player to be introduced with Final Standard Profile, which adds a variety of new and enhanced features to the Blu-ray arena and one that separates the Panasonic Blu-ray player from the rest of the field.

Final Standard Profile is an advanced function added to the Blu-ray standard, which opens the door to new functions such as Picture-in-Picture (which displays a second image in a sub window) and Audio Mixing (allows the consumer to switch the sound between the main and sub windows).

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hitthegspot4876d ago

Bueller Bueller Bueller Bueller
I have to ask where is the proof that the PS3 will offer a firmware update for BR 1.1 and beyond? I searched the entire Sony PS3 site. I fired off an e-mail to Sony support yesterday AM. I think it would be uber cool if that feature could be added as a firmware update.
Here I am 21 hrs later and no reply from Sony PS3 support.
I called PS3 support last night (800-345-7669). They have no idea if the new 40GB PS3 will support BR 1.1. I confirmed that they know what 1.1 is, but they can not guarantee that the 40GB PS3 will support the new features. I asked for a manager and he gave me the same response. So I now throw down the Gauntlet, Please show me some info out there where Sony is saying that my investment today is protected for the future....


LoydX-mas4876d ago

Profile 1.1 was supposed to be mandatory for all Blu-ray players released after Oct. 31. If it only takes a quick firmware upgrade, why hasn't Sony done it yet for the PS3?

LoydX-mas4876d ago

Blu-ray has three different profiles of hardware:1.0,1.1,and 2.0.

This player has no ethernet port, so it can never be upgraded. Profile 1.1 is it. Buy a PS3.