blipREVIEW: Dungeon Siege III (PS3)

Gamesblip writes: Monsters. F*ckers! All that “GRR!” crap and trying to separate our limbs from our torsos – yep, despise the fuckers. If you’re a hater too then massacring masses of them is the first big tick for DSIII...

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Darkfiber2681d ago

This game is surprisingly fun. It's a shame about the multiplayer and the lack of customization, but the combat is well done and the controls (with a controller...) are quite good as well. Just a tip: if you can avoid it, DO NOT play it on console. It was clearly designed as a console game, but the game on console looks atrocious. I played the demo on PS3 and I couldn't believe how unbelievably ugly it was. The game on PC looks remarkably better. I don't think I've ever seen a game with such a difference in graphical quality between two versions than this game. My only issue with the PC version is the horrendous controls. Better to use a controller on PC as the game was clearly built for that.

shadowknight2032681d ago

The fact there is such a huge difference graphically between PC and PS3 saddens me. I know PC typically holds itself above the console version, but, from what I've heard at least, the difference is pretty remarkable. I just wish I could experience that (without making the jump to a gaming rig).

MidnytRain2681d ago

I didn't find it that bad, but my opinion will differ because I don't game on a PC . I want to, though, at some point. As of now, laying down the money for it isn't anywhere near worth it for me.

Anyways, I loved the demo - gotta get it sometime.

schlanz2680d ago

Hmm... I played the demo on PS3 but I've been playing the actual game for PC.. haven't really noticed a difference.

The environments and animations are very nice, the only huge graphical problem is the characters faces during conversations... terrible. But really, thats such a minor issue in a game like this. Controls are definitely better for console, you're 100% right there.