Puzzle Agent 2 E3 Preview [GameRevolution]

"FBI's Puzzle Research agent Nelson Tethers is coming back into the spotlight in Puzzle Agent 2 after the extremely popular and well-received original released early last year. His case involving the missing erasers is not over, and he's once again visiting the quiet town of Scoggins, Minnesota, in search for answers to questions that were left in the air at the end of the last game." - Eduardo Reboucas, GameRevolution

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stormeagle62677d ago

They made a game out of Home Movies?

Dark_Overlord2677d ago

I really liked the first game, I only had 3 annoying problems with it

1. Puzzles weren't explained very well

2. Puzzles were way too easy

3. The game was way too short

I'll still buy the game regardless, but I do hope they fix these