Zelda: Skyward Sword and Wii U show up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

XMNR: Nintendo closed out video game week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon by showing off Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii and introducing the Wii U. Members of the audience even got a special gift at the end.

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VINNIEPAZ2861d ago

LOL Fallon totally destroyed the hell outta that skeleton!

Marceles2861d ago

"Since this uses Wii Motion Plus you'll want to swing where..."


Oldman1002861d ago


Skyward Sword

Wii U

Everyone gets ocarina of time 3d for free

Great job (advertising), Jeremy!

thesummerofgeorge2861d ago

Wait, did they get the free game but no 3DS to play it on?

Lazyeye792861d ago

who cares now if they do get one they have it or they can sell it early on ebay for lost of money.

thesummerofgeorge2861d ago

Sure, I mean I guess you could sell it, and anything free is better than nothing... But still, it just seems a little weird to give an entire audience a game they likely cannot play.

DA_SHREDDER2861d ago

all the gameplay vids ive seen for Skyward Sword all show that the motion plus doesn't work for nothing. I would rather use the waggle then have it not functioning at all. Just give me zelda with a regular controller and HD graphics would be satisfying enough.

nikola9872861d ago

It dont work in wireless orgy zone.. In your home (if you have one) will work great :)

beast242tru2861d ago

wow i just realize how crappy the wii graphics are good thing its zelda

Raven_Nomad2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Kind of reminds me how bad the PS2 graphics were compared to the original Xbox and Gamecube. Good thing solid games and fun and affordability are more important then graphics.

God Of War 3 is a PS3 title, I never played the God Of War games on PS2. Overall though the PS2 lacked the graphiccal capabilities of the Xbox and Gamecube. That's not to say everything on the PS2 looked terrible, just like the Wii. Games like Metroid and Zelda and Mario Galaxy look really good on the Wii.

I just find it odd how everyone this generation puts so much emphasis on graphics, when last generation especially if your were a PS2 person, graphics weren't important.

zootang2861d ago

Did you ever play The Shadow of Colossus or God of war 3?

Ness-Psi2861d ago

Resident Evil Remake on Gamecube now that looked awesome.

DanteKnightsTemplar2861d ago

MGS 2 and 3 on ps2 looked kinda awesome too.

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The story is too old to be commented.