IGN Speculation: The Future of BioWare and LucasArts

"BioWare's been busy. Acquired recently by Electronic Arts and already developing a number of projects, they just announced their cooperation with LucasArts on yet another title. So far we know BioWare is busy with a Sonic RPG for Nintendo DS, Dragon Age (an MMO for PC), and as well as whatever's in the works for the future of the Mass Effect franchise, as it's intended to be a trilogy. The first Mass Effect just went gold, and is scheduled to release late next month". -IGN

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ktchong4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

It's interesting that it's IGN PS3 that's making the speculation... given that BioWare has never made a PlayStation game before in more than a decade since the company was founded.

Ahhhh4872d ago

"The more likely scenario, though it's not confirmed, is that the "New Next-Gen Game" is the announced LucasArts project, and the Austin MMO is a separate game." That would be better and I hope it's true, KOTOR was fckin awesome!

But, I wouldn't really mind any of the games that they mentioned.


Yeah man, can you imagine a KOTOR MMO ? UNREAL !!!

Zhuk4871d ago

KOTOR 3 or MMO on Xbox 360 is all but certain, it will be awesome!

ulath6664871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Dragonage isnt an MMO. It never has been!
There might be a MMO set in the dragon age world, since thats Biowares new ip but the game dragonage isnt an MMO

*Edit* the story (on IGn, still wriong here on n4g) now says RPG instead of MMO

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