Ski Park Manager: The Most Bizarre Game of All Time?

Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming's Declan crosses snowboards with Val d’Isere Ski Park Manager, a game worthy of the title “most bizarre game in existence”. It ain’t pretty.

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soundslike2865d ago

Welcome to 90's Bargain bin PC simulation gaming.

Where'd you find this game? Building 19?

I have to admit, its not that surprising or bizarre to me, if only because I had a friend who ate this shit up, train tycoon, football manager, etc back in the day. The only difference I see between this game and the others is that there's snow on the buildings and your customers are elite ski snobs. "Your customers demand removal of that *scoff* snowboard park, immediately!" "WHERE ARE DAS MOGULS"

banjadude2864d ago

Try "Garbage Truck Simulator". No, seriously! Youtube it. You'll be in for a good LULZ.

There's another one strange one.. that involves driving a farming tractor. I forget what it is called.