Naughty Dog: We'd kill off lead Uncharted character

Uncharted boss says he'd wield axe if storyline called for it.

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RedDead2681d ago

Is Uncharted 3 not the last one? That's what ND normally do. a trilogy and game...Maybe the Vita one can count as the spin off though

rabidpancakeburglar2681d ago

lol I read your question and then looked at your profile picture, it fitted so perfectly. I think uncharted will be different from their other game series' because of it's massive success and ability to spawn sequels. I don't think they will overkill it though.

GrieverSoul2681d ago

If you take Tomb Raider for example, Lara died in the 4th installment. Still, she was brought back several more times via new storylines and/or reboots.

You can kill the main character in this storyline but they will live on. Next time we see Drake, he might be the original Drake´s son and we will find that out in the last few minutes of the game. Who knows! :)

DarkCharizard_2681d ago

Drake lived a pretty short life, considering Link, Mario and Snake are still alive :P

NukaCola2681d ago


Wait..!!! Snake is alive?

WhiteLightning2681d ago


I don't think I would like to play Drakes son, it's just one of those things. I don't even want to see Elena become pregnant in any of the Uncharted games. If she's married then fair enough but I don't want some annoying kid following Drake being a part of the adventure.

It would be differen't if it was Drakes cousin or something like that.

sdtarm2681d ago


so youre basically telling me that nintendo doesnt have the balls to step out of their comfort zone

homer2681d ago

? Crash Bandicoot was far more successful than Uncharted, yet they stopped making those. What makes you think they would hold onto uncharted? If anything, their past behavior shows their eagerness to create awesome new franchises every gen, and dump the old to other crappy devs who drain them dry.

rabidpancakeburglar2681d ago

Crash Bandicoot wasn't as serious a game as uncharted is and it was of it's time. I don't believe that it will end after 3 but I don't see it going further than 4.

AAACE52681d ago

Uncharted 4 starring Chloe or Elena, to ward off potential Tomb Raider sales! I can see it now!

But truthfully, Uncharted is so good, they could probably put any character they want in there and it would be good!

Oxymoron0282681d ago


Pretty sure Link changes in every instalment, as in it's always a different person who discovers he's Link. Meaning he can't actually die.

ZombieNinjaPanda2681d ago

Having Drake die off would just be strange. He's such a well received and liked character

Dee_912681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

if drake died i would seriously cry like a little b1tch

I mean id still play the next even if he did die

darkdoom30002681d ago

Actually. Snake is technically still alive.

MGS4 takes place in 2014. So hes slowly aging somewhere in an aircraft I guess.

MGS4 released in 12th june, so +6 months is December. Im gonna assume thats when he died.

12th December 2014. :'(

snipes1012681d ago

When the hell did snake die? I played MGS4 and don't remember that happening. Though that was about 3 years ago. I thought the end of the game just ahd Snake chillin out for the rest of life? Unless we're talking about Big Boss. There's too many damn characters in MG.

lil Titan2681d ago

my thing is im excited for what these studios are going to bring out next, after a trilogy they like to do spin-offs which i can see with Resistance, Infamous and Killzone but not really with Uncharted

Spydiggity2681d ago

there is absolutely no way they'd kill off drake

xabmol2681d ago


Bing, Oh!

I cant wait to see the next brilliant world ND creates on PS4. Hope its a platformer! And UTR is gonna rock! :D

crxss2680d ago

What I got from this article is that ND is going to kill off Sully in Uncharted 3... I really hope not. I don't thunk many people read this, they're talking about Elena, Chloe, and Sully not Drake.

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lodossrage2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )


Mario and Link are also set in fantasy worlds. Where everything is kid friendly and death doesn't really happen.

Drake on the other hand is set in a more realistic world. None of that mushroom power up nonsense.

If you want to compare Drake to something more long lived, at least compare him to someone in a NON FANTASY setting.

And on a side note, you don't see Drake dead yet do you?

Trolling WITH common sense will do you good someday.

snipes1012681d ago

I don't think he was trolling, relax.

lodossrage2680d ago


You haven't been here very long have you?

Why don't you check his post history before you say that.

subtenko2681d ago

lol Uncharted Team Racing ftw! but they should just put him in twisted metal.

Js2Kings2681d ago

"UnKarted." Good god that sounds horrible.

xabmol2681d ago

UnKarted: Drakes For Tune Up Shop.


subtenko2680d ago

umm guys... that was hilarious xD it could be a parody/comical racer with lots of action maybe it would be cool as a bonus game mode in U3 or U4

and the secret boss raver is......CRASH BANDICOOT!

metsgaming2681d ago

oh no they might kill sully ! If any major character had to go it think it should be chloe, sully would hurt to much and Elena would be devastating and they almost did last time.

BubbleSniper2681d ago

Drake should become the new Sully. don't kill Drake off, NaughtyGods

b163o12681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Drake's not gonna die, there saying that "A" main character could die, not "The" main character


darkdoom30002681d ago

No. Don't kill of elena. Nor sully.

not chloe either, was so happy to see her return via trailer.


Villans are main characters too arent they?
Kill off the villans. There. Im happy.

Etseix2681d ago

I dont want somebody to die, i like Sully hes an awesome charac.. and Chloe is too.. but also Elena is great.. damn, the Cameraman on U2 first time i saw him i knew he was going to die, cameramans dont live a lot :l but thats it.

Uzesgelen_Goo2681d ago

lol sooo true camermans don't live long also i missing Eddy Raja from first.
Eddy should lived his beeter than others such as Flynn :)

dredgewalker2681d ago

I hope they don't kill Sully! He's the top candidate for being axed but he's one of the most likable side characters out there! Just kill the villains! Drake without Sully seems bland cause those two make me chuckle a lot with their conversations.

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orange-skittle2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

When did they ever say it was a trilogy? People get hung up on that bullshit. I have never heard that Uncharted was a trilogy. They never even expected it to be a damn hit. Uncharted didnt sell worth a shit. people didnt pay attention to it until U2. I was an Uncharted fan and had to literally sell the game word of mouth to other PS3 owners. If Heavenly Sword made a masterpiece w/ a sequel, then people would really have noticed. I bet most people don't even remember the Uncharted commercials back in 2007. I hate bandwagon followers.

The thing with Uncharted is that, it never has to end because it's not about 1 mission or 1 goal. He's a treasure hunter like Indiana Jones. He goes where the next big archeological find is. Notoriety and wealth fuels Drake. He can do this forever. Same with Sully. It's about the money. Uncharted 1 didn't tie into 2, only the characters did. The story was totally different and so was the treasure. He was looking for the tree of life in part 2 when in part 1 he was looking for his great grandfathers treasure. Next he might be searching for the Holy Grail or King Arthur's Chalice.

dragon822681d ago

I am a huge fan of anything to do with King Arthur but that might be too similar to Tomb Raider Legend. Tomb Raider Legend was filled with the legend of King Arthur and you even get to wield Excaliber in it.

YogiBear2681d ago

I agree with you except your claim of Drake's Fortune not selling worth a shit. It's moved 3.5 million copies. 1 million in it's first ten weeks. That's officially a hit.

f7897902681d ago

Yeah lol, where did you get that Uncharted 1 sales sucked? It was one of the early ps3 games that blew everyone away.

orange-skittle2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

NOoooo, dont get me wrong. It didnt suck. I loved it to death, but it didnt garner the attention it was supposed to. It was the best game on the console a year after the consoles release. Motorstorm and Resistance were the staple marks of the PS3. Uncharted was a wild card, no one saw it coming. Now Sony uses Uncharted as it's baby. At one point, they were hoping Lair and Haze would be "THAT KILLER APP" that would take them to the next level. Uncharted 1 sold well after Uncharted 2 was released because people wanted to play more when fans of the series already played through it. It's just natural. I am proud of the success of the game and believe that Drakes Adventures can continue to run through several episodes like Final Fantasy. Trilogies keep you in a box and forces you to tell complex stories in a rushed manner. It's like punting a great franchise and starting over with something uninspiring. He has so many places to go and so much to find. Imagine him finding Atlantis.

God of War and Halo both had stories that continued from one game to the next, Uncharted does not. His adventures don't connect, only the characters do. I feel like Gears of War was rushed because it was announced as a trilogy. They could've extended this franchise. By the end of part...the Jecento(last body of land) sunk...WTF? How does that happen only on the 2nd episode. So part 3 opens when they are on boats. They could've extended the war and used some real unique locales. Fighting in the arctic, water, or apocalyptic cities(DC,NY,LA) could've been done. It just seems so rushed to end the story.

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colonel1792681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

I would compare it to Grey's Anatomy show. The creator has killed a lot of side characters that were at that point in time very important to the story line, and whether she killed the characters because had issues with actors or to fit in the story, she has made a very good work writing them off and introducing new characters that you get attached too. I remember when they killed one of the original characters that I thought the show would not survive, but by the end of the following season I couldn't even remember him.

So if they do something like that on Uncharted series it would be incredible. We don't know how many more games they will release, but if they do a good job with the writing, I am all for it. It would be "painful" so see a character you like die, but if the story is well written will be worth it.

On the other hand, I think that if they kill drake and/or elena that's it for the series. It would be like The OC, where they killed Marissa and the show was over in that same moment. Like I said above, In grey's anatomy side characters have been killed, even very important ones, but never the main ones.

hilyou2681d ago

ND said that they never planned Uncharted as a trilogy, they said that if there is demand they will make sequels. So technically there will be uncharted 4 and 5 and so on...

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DrFUD2681d ago

I always wanted Eddy Raja to take Drake's place

Kee2681d ago

I loved eddy raja!!! That guy was a legend.

darkdoom30002681d ago

Hope we get to see him in the Uncharted vita game, it is a prequel after all.

beast242tru2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

LINK, MARIO, SNAKE aint bad ass treasure hunters who can leap over anything and escape any situation with 2 scratches and some heavy breathing

i do not want uncharted racing DO NOT!!!!!

MidnytRain2681d ago

Lol, +bubbles. The guy is one lucky son of a gun. Reminds me of Jackie Chan's movies. THESE GUYS WILL NEVER DIE. XD

BiggCMan2681d ago

Snake has done more than that just to fill you in, don't doubt snake's abilities. He is a true legend that will never die.

PhoenixDevil2681d ago

very true snakes one tough mofo, lets see if he can survive accelerated ageing, a biological weapon designed to attack his genetic code and 5 psycho bitches (one with daddy issues) then he can survive anything

also lets see Drake go through a corridor of microwaves :P

(just kidding i love drake also hes cool :D)

starcb262681d ago

Doesn't he only have 6 months to live in MGS4?

BiggCMan2681d ago

@starcb26. If you played the entire game until the end credits, you would know the answer to that ;)

Etseix2681d ago

Snake's "fun microowave room " was one of the most memorable moment ever on all videogames.
i remember almost breaking my controller due to the button smashing, o_O

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soundslike2681d ago

Snake was pretty good on a skateboard tho

Oldman1002681d ago

Sully dies of old age confirmed.

b163o12681d ago

Where did you see this?

On topic: I really like how ND has no restrictions when it comes to developing games. I can't think of another developer who would axe a main character to tie the story together. Kudos to you ND

Sevir042681d ago

I Can, Insomniac did! Nathan Hale got pwned by Joeseph Capelli at the end of Resistance 2, and pretty much we all felt the shock! I like that Insomniac isn't dogmatic and that everything is permitted to make Canon and story more meaningful, I remember the moment Capelli pulled the trigger and thought OMG! really! and considering the timeline i read, both Capelli and Hale were really prevalent characters in the resistance universe that were destined to meet!

ps3bestever2681d ago

Sully Will Die . . . SIGH !

mastiffchild2681d ago

No, Sully won't but Elena might after going close last time-Sully's just the easy, natural answer to this question that doesn't need answering because he's the oldest and as a result him dying could be the weakest possible series death. And he's the best character the keeps appearing anyway.

Sevir042681d ago

Well We kinda got a scare in the chapter 3 of Drake's Fortune! I thought Sully died only to find out that the Francis Drake's Book stopped the bullet when Novalez shot him!