Gaming Technology and Trends: 3D

3D is a hot topic at the moment, so let's explore the past of it and the role that we (I) hope it will play in the future.

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Luigi's Mansion Should Be The Blueprint For Future Mario Games

Luigi's Mansion is the best Mario spin-off, and we need a lot more games like it

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RaiderNation590d ago (Edited 590d ago )

I enjoyed LM3 well enough but honestly, I was expecting more. I want to see Nintendo get a little more ambitious with IP's like Luigi's Mansion. Expand the dev budget for a game like this and increase production value. I want to see LM expand into a true free-roaming "open world" type of game. Break away from the fixed plane level design and give Luigi the same kind of freedom Mario has in say, Odyssey.


LEGO Luigi’s Mansion Haunt and Seek Expansion Set out now

Following a lengthy season of Mario and Luigi sets (and more recently, the debut of the LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog set), the new Luigi’s Mansion LEGO expansion set is now available in partnership with Nintendo.

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Luigi's Mansion Deserved a Better Remake

The 3DS had been out for years, and the hardware was dated. Looking back on it, the Luigi's Mansion Remake should have been on the Switch.

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-Foxtrot938d ago

They should have expanded on it, added new rooms, ghosts and even some new modes for New Game +

Neonridr938d ago

Agreed, the 3DS couldn't do the original justice.

darthv72938d ago

It's not a bad port but definitely the gcn version is still a classic. 3ds did some things better but overall i do prefer the console version.

NecrumOddBoy937d ago

I would say the Luigi’s Mansion and it’s 3DS sequel should come to Switch as a package. But I’d also like Metroid Samus Returns and Link Between Worlds to come to Switch too.

Neonridr937d ago

I'd love to see the first 2 lugi's mansions ported over.

Bathory666937d ago

Y’all are crazy. Playing Luigi mansion in 3d was incredible. That’s a huge upgrade

Neonridr937d ago

3D was cool, but graphically it looked inferior even to the dated Gamecube visuals.