PS3 Gamers Should Be Happy About Battlefield 3 Visuals

The first PS3 footage of Battlefield 3 was unveiled earlier this week. Some people were satisfied while others were left disappointed. Nevertheless, PS3 gamers should be glad with how the game looks.

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Prcko2678d ago

buy uncharted 3 if you want best graphics on consoles.
U3 gonna be best polished and best visualy impressive game ever created on any console to date!

Joni-Ice2677d ago

Im happy with the graphic. If people thought they was the console versions will look like the PC version then they need to rethink. I just hope the gameplay is amazing.

piroh2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Battlefield 3 looks great for a multiplatform game

the game is one of the best looking multiplats i've ever seen

lil Titan2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

its sad that we look at exclusive games like Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, and expect more from a multi plat game but on the other hand a well renowned developer should be able to meet these standards but being a PS3 owner every one should be ready to get the back end of the stick when it comes to mulit plat games but everyone shouldnt be worried about graphics its more of the gameplay that is going to be the real treat and the game doest look terrible but i do understand people who paid for top of the line entertainment system and want the best from there game also every pc player says that *reading the title* but reading all these comments i had the impression pc players where more mature but now my mind frame is that there no different from the stereotypical 360 player

@Dart89 THANK YOU everyone thinks this is gonna be the final product

Dart892676d ago

Plus they said that's pre alpha stage wait till we get to alpha stage.

Heartnet2676d ago


That is the latest build on BF3 and if its still in pre alpha i sure hope they get tehre asses moving Lol the game comes out in like 5 months haha

Pintheshadows2676d ago

Nice to see you have the "if it plays the same who gives a fu*k attitude".

More people should take that on board.

DatNJDom812676d ago

The game looks great on PS3. I don't understand how some would actually think that the PS3 isn't getting old. Don't get it twisted I personally think that there's still plenty of life in the system and won't be investing in a next gen console no time soon. Console only guys should be happy were going to get to play one of the better shooters this year. Stop your whining to those that are actually whining. Especially those xbox guys posing as PS3 gamers in those threads trying to make PS3 fans look bad. It's really pathetic.

chainer30002676d ago


ME2, FF13, MG4, etc etc. U3 is beautiful, however far from the best graphically made game.

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JsonHenry2676d ago

I think the PS3 footage looked rather good myself.

GamersRulz2676d ago

Totally agree,

Enough with this crap, the game looks impressive, when I read some of the comment I feel like the game is unplayable because of slightly downgraded graphics, Cmon people WAKE UP!

NukaCola2676d ago

Agree too,
What is up with these articles? The 360 version won't be PC quality either..In fact the 360 showed off Crysis first and no one complained the PC version destroyed it. I guess I am missing the point here.

Hockeydud192676d ago

The only real difference I could see was the smoke and particle effects. In the PC demo when they were shooting at the walls etc dust would get picked up etc and the destruction behind them was so realistic to the point I couldn't tell it was a game. I think they shoulda had the same player play both the PC and PS3 demo and look at everythng we saw in the PC demo. Maybe then there might not be so much speculation.

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death2smoochie2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Some PS3 fanboys are complaining it does not look like KZ3 or Uncharted 3 or GOD 3...
The real issue is BF3 is doing more under the hood than any of those games and for DICE to get the game running on the PS3 the way it is looking is an amazing feat.
You have to ask yourself this:
If PS3 exclusive games used a game engine like Frostbite 2.0 and had all those effects and graphics running in real time at that scale, would it look like it does?
I think you know the answer....

Focker4202676d ago

"The real issue is BF3 is doing more under the hood than any of those games"

And you know this how??

dredgewalker2676d ago


I think he meant destructible environments, even if KZ3 and UC3 looked good they barely had it and it was mostly scripted.

JsonHenry2676d ago

I think BF3 looks on par with KZ2/3 myself. It just has a different (more realistic) art direction.

Peaceful_Jelly2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

@JsonHenry, you really have no idea what you're talking about. Have you even played Killzone 3 to write such an idiotic statement?

I know BF3 does more destructibility and stuff and that eats lots of resources. But you're talking about how they look cosmetically and in this regards the differences goes beyond just different "art direction".

Killzone 3 doesn't put much resource for destructibility but when talking about cosmetics there is no more beautiful game than this. Just read about the insane amount of post-processing effects that Killzone 3 has just to make the game look as pretty as current-gen consoles are capable of.

*Clarification: I'm not taking the PC version into consideration because it obviously trumps everything consoles have to offer with higher res textures, frame-rate, resolution, shader effects and other stuff.

KRATOS-PS32676d ago


you don't know anything. Games like Uncharted, Killzone and God of War 3 using technologies which are cutting edge to get this visuals. And it's true that the best looking game on consoles will be Uncharted 3. I mean, look up a video in HD and you can't nearly tell if this is movie or a game.

Heartnet2676d ago

Its not really.. all it has is some impressive visuals and nice destruction physics.. but thats what the engine was based around lol

thats like saying red faction gurellia has more going on under the hood since everything is destructible.. everything... but thats not the case...

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RBLAZE19882676d ago

I'm happy with the graphics that I saw because I knew ewhat to expect...All the people bitching have been trained to expect the same visuals across platforms because devs have been hindering pc development and visuals to cater to console and now they are seeing how a real pc game looks and are crying like a bunch of babies. I'm getting this on pc and ps3, just wanted to emphasize that point so nobody calls me a pc elitist. The visuals on ps3 are fine and anyone who bitches doesn't know anything about technology and how it works

vandal GAB2676d ago

And Gears 3 will be the best polished and best looking xbox title to date. BF3 pc all the way!

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DrRichtofen2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

I don't know why people are making a fuss over its graphics, from the looks of it this game dumps all over the other multiplat games released this year, it looks really fun too. Now I just need to talk my friends into getting this over mw3 so they can enjoy it too.
BTW in the article there is a link to a comparison video between PC and PS3. And from what I just saw the PS3 version is pretty close to the PC version theres some slight differences here and there but its damn near almost equal, keep up the awesome work Dice.

GamersRulz2676d ago

Agree with you bro,

those people who complain have ULTRA SUPER VISION, they see every pixel here n there /s

Focker4202677d ago

Its really smart to piss off a developer. I'm sure they're really happy that they are trying their hardest to make their game look as good as possible for us console gamers. Then you all spit in their faces and tell them its not good enough. They'll be really eager to give you the best looking game next time around. /s

Constant complaining does nothing but irritate people and makes them not want to do anything for you. Think before you cry everyone, you're ruining it for the rest of us.

Focker4202676d ago

What the hell happened?? They changed the article.

MintBerryCrunch2677d ago

i dont get why people bitch about graphics when the core gameplay and hell even the character animations are the same compared to the PC animation...this is what makes the game...not how many pixels there are on the screen

what matters to me is the freedom that the game will give you in terms of where you want to go, how you want to approach a level and how you want to take on an enemy...being immersed in the game is whats should sell you...its still 720p if im correct...fine by me considering that most PS3 exclusives are on the same level

ps3bestever2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Look at Uncharted 3 and LOL

@ death2smoochie
Look at Textures, fire effects and etc, MW3 looks Much better Than BF3, technically.

Uncharted 3 Will be Best Graphic of Decade, So close your mouth or Shut Up.

death2smoochie2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Then look at the scale of BF3 and a dynamic real time destructible environment running all real time lighting and effects in high floating point precession...Then you can LOL


MW3 effects are all pre baked and calculated and scripted. MW3 has no tessellation support so its textures will not even look the same.
Btw. MW3 is using a game engine YEARS old.
You fail at trolling.
Oh and when any of those games have a dynamic environment that has procedural destruction in real time, come talk to use..
Oh then again based on your history of posting and your ID name, forget about that....



You even know what I mean by high floating point?
Its in reference to Eye Adaptive High Dynamic Range Lighting.
And the PC versions run it at higher FPO than consoles. Always have.
consoles run it in FP10 MAYBE higher to FP16.
PC's run this in FP32-128 or greater.
I have an idea what is going on "under the hood"

wicko2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

I don't think either of you understands what going on under the hood of either game. "High floating point precession"? "MW3 looks Much better Than BF3"? Please stop talking like you know something.

That said I have pre-ordered both games and they both look amazing. Can't wait.

wicko2676d ago

Nope you have no idea.

The SPEs and PPE in the PS3 support double precision (64 bit). Of course it's really up to the developer to decide whether 64 bit is worth it, which in many cases it isn't. 128 bit floating point is even less useful in rendering currently, maybe one day when we have high enough resolution displays where we'd actually need that kind of precision we'll actually use it. But at 1280x720? 1920x1080? lol.

Having super high precision not only isn't necessary, but it's also slower, so you'd get worse performance.

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