The Most Annoying Video Game Characters of all Time

Sadly, there are also characters that make us laugh and cry for all the wrong reasons, for as far as computer games have come over the last decade, developers still occasionally struggle with characterisation. Sadly, it would seem that many competent developers remain preoccupied with perpetuating Hollywood clichés, forcing the same cardboard cut-out heroes and villains upon gamers in the hope that no one will notice.

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DarkCharizard_2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Lol, ken! My favorite street fighter :D

SHORYUREPPA!!!!!!!11111111111 1111ONEONE

GrieverSoul2680d ago

lol at Ken! :) He is just a Ryu wannabe, poor guy.

I would put Cortana in there too. An advanced AI super computer with a teen girls voice with all those "let me think" gestures while talking. lol

GrieverSoul2680d ago

Ahaha... I was just messing with you. :)
I prefer Ryu though.

DarkCharizard_2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

lol, k! Ryu's cool too :D

nopunctuation2680d ago

Ethans blackouts are the result of his severe trauma of watching his son die right before his eyes. This is implied by his psychiatrist. Just because a game doesnt draw you a picture of every explanation doesnt mean it wasnt explained. Its called context clues people.

Also why isnt Zeke from infamous on the list? He is sterotypical to the point of being annoying. Not to mention he betrays you at every occasion he gets and Cole forgives him for no reason. Most dead weight character ever.

Takoulya2680d ago

I agree with the Heavy Rain part, but not with the inFamous part.

The key to Zeke's role was his position in the whole story. He was just a shadow of Cole, completely unable to do something for himself throughout the game. When he actually got the chance to do something, do become something that he could be proud of, he took the opportunity. I still hate his decision, but I can completely understand his part in it all.

-EvoAnubis-2680d ago

Spoken like someone who hasn't beaten inFamous 2. Zeke is VERY useful when shit hits the fan.

RedDead2680d ago true, such a annoying little prick. He was alright by the end imo. But the first half makes me want to punch him.

WhiteLightning2680d ago

I like how you blocked my PM when your the one who messaged me first

Anyway since you think you got the last word...

Cloud is better then Squall <sigh>

If you say so ¬¬

Bye troll :)

FAGOL2680d ago

Vanille STFU! Man she was annoying whenever she opened her mouth.

Redempteur2680d ago

to be fair, vannile annoyance is 50% less without the horrible english voice.

Also her overhapniss and naivetée is just a big facade. you're talking to someone who was forced to destroy a civilisation once and recalling every moment of it .. and forced to do that again ...

Vanille has his reasons BUT SNOW ... OMG snow .. what a dumba**...

NiceGuy1922680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Every maincharacter in FFXIII deserves to be on that list tbh.

edit: hadn't seen that two ppl below me had written just this but good to see that I'm not alone.

WhiteLightning2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

How the hell is Sqaull there, if your trying to say Sqaull is annoying then you might aswell put the actual depressive character Cloud up there.

Sqaull had the best character development in the entire franchise. From a lonly selfish jerk to a brave heroic's all part of character development.

Honestly why does FF7 get a free pass on everything, something FF7 is always on the positive "Top....." lists... I'm sorry but Cloud was the annoying one and always depressive (Advent Children was the worst), at least Sqaull had a reason with the whole orphanage thing and Elone leaving him by himself.

Replace Sqaull with Hope or Cloud

the_kutaragi_baka2680d ago

the entire cast off FFXIII... '-'

Knushwood Butt2680d ago

For once I actually agree with you. Snow is bearable, but only just.

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