Breathtaking Real Life Comparison: New York versus Crysis 2

Some realy awesome comparison shots between Crysis 2 and New York (Game vs. Real Life). Take a deep look!

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Jacobite2733d ago

Maybe if Crysis 2 was'nt gimped for the console market and used DX11 it could have been closer or even better who knows lol

SkyCrawler2732d ago

The patch is coming soon, hopefully. What I saw at the conference made me giddy lol

evrfighter12732d ago

at this point in crysis 2's life that patch is gonna do nothing for the game.

The only thing it does is give them a card to say

"hey we gave pc gamers dx11 and it still sold poorly!"

In the end the dx11 patch is going to do more harm then good

BiggCMan2732d ago

@evrfighter1. The game was released 3 months ago, that is old to you now? Man, peoples attention spans are like threads nowadays. Games like World of Warcraft, or Battlefield games are still heavily supported to this day. Why would they stop supporting Crysis 2 at 3 months?

ATiElite2732d ago

That Dx11 patch your talking about, I wouldn't hold your breath.

Crysis 2 is like 1.6 million across 3 platforms. Crysis Warhead did 1.8 million on the PC. I really do believe Nvidia has said the hell with it and has moved on as they were helping Crytek with this. Plus the MP is about dead.

Even Total War: Shogun 2 has come out with a DX11 patch within 2 months while Crysis 2 is at 3 with NO release date in sight.

Your only hope is a Crysis Warhead 2 DX11

theonlylolking2732d ago

The real life pics look more real.

STONEY42732d ago

It's very easy to see the difference here. Kinda sad, since the old comparisons with Crysis 1 vs real life were almost indistinguishable.

Objective2732d ago

Stunning! Crysis 2 is indeed the best looking console game yet! Maybe till BF3 that is.

Seijoru2732d ago

KZ3 looks better than both.

Kon2732d ago

Take off your fanboy goggles. That's pathetic.

Nes_Daze2732d ago

@Kon, lol yeah coming from you. Kz3 looks better than Crysis 2 on consoles, but it doesn't beat the pc version. That's of course my opinion. Both games have a different style in graphics, and there can be many different opinions because of this.

starchild2732d ago

Crysis 2 looks better, but Killzone 3 performs better. It's subjective which one is "better" overall.

Miiikeyyy2732d ago

Crysis 2 on consoles looks fucking awful

Inside_out2732d ago

The game looks as real as an alien invasion should look.

kuroukage2732d ago

DX11 still a no show? Pathetic. Glad I didn't buy it. Still waiting on DX11 and bargain bin for it. ;)

Jacobite2731d ago

I pre-ordered Crysis 2 believing their lies and I regret it even more since I've played it a few times through. NEVER AGAIN CRYTEC

kuroukage2731d ago

I just made sure to double check last day I could pre-order and they confirmed no DX11 until MONTHS LATER and UNSURE OF WHEN they were going to add it. Was a big wtf and a huge deal breaker for me considering PC fans are who made Crytek big in the first place. Was like they backstabbed us. So I voted on their game with my wallet. :)

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