Games of the (First Half of the) Year – 2011 Edition

2011 has been a great year so far with a number of titles that are better than half of my top ten from last year. With E3 starting today I wanted to go over what I played the first half of the year while we all get excited about the stuff we are going to be playing in the latter half. So far we have had some great sequels but the year has been really short on great original titles, with the exception of LA Noire. My hope for the second half of the year is to get something new and creative. Not that I mind a great sequel, but it’s nice to see a great new IP once and a while. So here it is, my top 7 of the first half of 2011.

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vishant1012861d ago

hands down portal 2 nd little big planet 2 were the best kz 3 shouldn't be there imo and mass effect 2 was a year two late to have that wow factor

TheLastGuardian20102861d ago

Till now-as in June 17th...My goty awards..

5. Dead Space 2
4. Bulletstorm
3. L.A Noire
2. Alice: Madness Returns
1. Portal 2.

Tommykrem2861d ago

I suppose my favourites so far are:

1. inFamous 2
2. Portal 2
3. LA Noire
4. Killzone 3
5. LBP2 (which is a bit weird, since LBP is one of my favourite games of all time)

And those are basically the five games I've played this year, so it won't do for much more than my favourites.

newn4gguy2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

1. inFamous 2
2. Portal 2
3. Little Big Planet 2
4. L.A. Noire
5. Killzone 3
6. Dead Space 2
7. Crysis 2

And I have played EVERY release this year.

deadoralive13372860d ago

Have you played Witcher 2? and finished it?

newn4gguy2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )


Completely forgot about it. Haha. I was looking at my PS3 games and didn't look at my PC stack. I'd probably put it at 4.

Kon2860d ago

1-The Witcher 2
2-(Insert Game Here)
3-(Insert Game Here)
4-(Insert Game Here)
5-(Insert Game Here)

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The story is too old to be commented.