Great Gaming Crusade's Infamous 2 PS3 Review

Great Gaming Crusade: "Infamous 2 is a special kind of sequel. On paper it seems to do everything right. Larger than life bosses, more superpowers, a deeper story; it expands on what made the first game great fun. Sadly, Infamous 2 adds more to what made the first great while forgetting to fix and tweak existing mechanics. This along with a muted sense of progression, an overactive camera, and technical issues makes Infamous 2 a very worthy sequel, but not a great one."

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Der_Kommandant2772d ago

What a joke, this game is far from 7

ElDorado2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

I agree, but it's just someone's opinion. I didn't even open it since I am not interested in someone's opinion when (s)he gives IF2 a 7. I would give it like a 9,2 or something.

shysun2772d ago

Yup, I love this game! I bought a copy for my nephew too! Easily a 9 in my book, but we all have our own opinions...his is just wrong! :P

karl2772d ago

i open it just for the laugh...

TBM2772d ago

useless opinion the game is great.

Rampaged Death2772d ago

Why do people put up negative reviews when they know it's going to get bashed by idiot fanboys ! It's someone's opinion that everyone has a right to express. You can disagree but you don't have to put it all over the net like morons. I played the game and yeah it's great but it's nothing amazing like the first was. It's just got a new lick of paint. Sucker Punch tried to do the Uncharted 2 effect and failed to pull it off.

TKCMuzzer2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

eh, you don't want people to put up negative reviews, yet it's an opinion their entitled to express. You confuse me.
Simple fact: People write reviews because they want people to know how they feel about a game. It is not an opinion it is a 'review'. They are taking a game and judging it against other games merits, in other words reviewing the game, hence a final score.

An opinion: 'It's a good follow up to a good game, improving in many ways on the first and will please many of it's fans'

Reviews like games are there to be criticized, that's one of the reasons they are written, to encourage debate and opinion.

zerox5052772d ago

sucker punch should have made infamous 2 as gritty as the first game was, i liked the mo-cap cutscenes, but the story should have been dark, and some of the side missions should be fun, not boring...

LarVanian2772d ago

The side missions in inFamous 2 were better than the ones in inFamous 1 IMO. The counter-surveillance missions from the first game were the most boring missions ever.

zerox5052772d ago

sorry by side missions i meant the ones where your suppose to save lets say an innocent victim get mugged by the militia or stop a thief or w/e. they should be more like red dead redemption, it was more interesting and fun

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