How Long Has Square Enix Planned This FFXIII Sequel?

PSX - Every Final Fantasy title takes quite a few years to develop and produce. Square Enix will try to have Final Fantasy XIII-2 out by the end of 2011, which, when compared to the Japanese launch of FFXII, comprises only a one-year gap.

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rebirthofcaos2684d ago

how long, it is a easy question, since they had to cut almost the half of the original game. this is not a new game, it is the expancion pack placed as a complete game.

zeal0us2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I bet they wish they never cut any content from it(ff13) now after the whole mixed reviews it got. Not to mention the 360 version poorly done and it needed fixes.

hay2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Regrets? This piece of crap they called a Final Fantasy, RPG or a game sold more than 6 million copies. They cut out half of the game, and it sold close to FFX mark, and probably more than FFVIII.
I'd laugh my ass off, not regret.

And most of us will still buy FF13-2 'cause some of us already think it'll be the game FF13 should be from the beginning.

Jappy-k72683d ago

cut half of the original game?
FFXIII was almost 40GB for god's sake!

FFXIII-2 will be even bigger

Godmars2902684d ago

Square aiming for annual releases of a title it usually takes them years to get out.

And I though I was feeling sick before...

Droid Control2684d ago


This franchise has been milked to death and has been a downhill slide since 7.