Gamespots Review of The Simpsons Game for PS3 and Xbox 360

The gameplay might not be anything special, but The Simpsons Game delivers more than enough laughs to make it worth a look. (7.0)

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Kleptic4871d ago

wow...7.0?...this Simpson's game is nearly as good as R&C future: Tools of destruction...what a great website...

Mu5afir4870d ago

And make themselves look stupid for giving R&C a lower one. Gamespot is a joke now, I only go their for laughs.

rofldings4870d ago

Did the 360 version get a 10/10,

fking microspot...

jjfunaz4870d ago

I knew this would happen. I do not think that RC should have gotten 9.5+ its the first game on the new system, it leaves little room for improvement if the 2nd game is a lot better. I think that 7.5 is probably a lot harsher then it deserved but saying that gamespot is pro one system or another is rediculous. Thats one reviewers opinion and not spoken word of video game gods.

Your fanboyism adds nothing to the conversation and for that I am upset.

antoinetm4870d ago

If they are idd pro reviewers then maybe there should somebody else reading the review to make sure that a single review wont make the whole site look like a joke...

isnt that the job of the chief editor? (or smght like that)