1UP: InFamous 2 Review

InFamous 2 is the game where Cole MacGrath finally conquers his greatest obstacle. I'm not talking about The Beast (a titan of ash and fire that literally stomps its way across the Eastern seaboard throughout the course of InFamous 2's plot), nor am I talking about the multitude of mercenaries, militia, and mutants that populate the streets of New Marais....

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rabidpancakeburglar2677d ago

Every time I see B out of A in reviews I always think of sheep. Anyway, this is definitely a game I'm getting.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2677d ago

lol so am i, i beat infamous thanks to the welcome back package. All i have to do is beat game on Infamous and i get Platinum :)

rabidpancakeburglar2677d ago

I beat it once on a good play through but it got stolen from my brothers flat. So I got to do another good and then an evil play through thanks to the welcome back package. Nothing better than getting a great game for free.

This isn't scoring quite as highly as the original but from what I've heard from people who've played it and seen in the demo it looks like a massive improvement.

Baba19062677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

not quit true. infamous 2 has around the same score as the first one. so its ok, i think its much better than the first one.

ABizzel12677d ago

It's definitely a great game, and you guys should have it by now. At times I felt it getting a little slow, but that was because I was going around looking for tons of blast shards, and building my Karma up because you'll need as much lightning as you can EARLY IN THE GAME.

I think the Karma system is a little unfair, because it seems like it won't increase no matter how many missions you do until you get to a certain point in the games true story, and it'll zip up based on all the work you've done prior.

They changed the damage in the game and Cole does die quicker which is good and bad. Good, because it causes you to be strategic on where your electrical sources are before you dive in throwing lightning. Bad because if you dive in you're going to die, and even if you know where they are there's a good chance you might not make it if you aren't quick with climbing and rolling, while fighting at the same time.

Overall I'm really enjoying the game, and I like the new route they went with Cole's personality although he does seem to be a bit like Nathan Drake (when he jokes around with Zeke you'll see what I mean). It's definitely an improvement so far, and I've already logged in 10 - 15 hours, and I've made no progress in the actual story simply because I've been hanging around the city.

Speaking of the city it's much better this time around. The crowd A.I. is also better, since I was a Hero, I was fighting these guys and out of nowhere a pedestrian ran up and punched one of the men shooting at me, and soon an entire mob of people came and stomped him to death. That has been one of the biggest highlights of the game so far, even with all the boss battles, and new powers (which are great).

PRHB HYBRiiD2677d ago

Im playing it for the first time today :D

Schism202677d ago

This game is a huge improvement over the first, and its so much better in every way. I dont understand how its lower on metacritic than its predecessor. Goes to show you how unreliable reviews can be.

ASTAROTH2677d ago

You are rigth. This game improves on everything. Better graphics, sound, missions, story, side missions... its a shame that today's reviewers... the "elite" of gaming cant review a game if its not a FPS, Xbox exlusive or multiplatform game. Call me fanboy or whatever but thats the truth as I see it.

cobblestone192677d ago

You know... The 360 only has 6 exclusives scored 90 or above.
Forza 2,3.
Gears 1,2.
Halo 3, Reach.

6 games, 3 franchises.
The Ps3 has 11.

I do think inFamous 2 deserves to have a 90+ score. But reviewers are fucking stupid sometimes...