Insomniac Speaks: More on Resistance

The team behind Fall of Man answers a few burning questions. Just how much space will that Blu-ray use anyway?

Ted Price, Founder & CEO: "It would have been very, very difficult to create Resistance on any other platform. First, this game requires an incredible amount of processing power to support the large number of moving characters and objects in the levels. Second, the game requires more than 20 gigabytes of storage space, which means that the only viable storage medium for us is Blu-ray. We could not have fit this game on a DVD or a HD-DVD. So, yet another reason that the game could only have been created on the PlayStation 3."

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Captain Tuttle5871d ago

that this game is going to be great but I find it hard to beleive that ONLY the PS3 can run it. Sounds like marketing to me.

Raz3r15871d ago

now the difference between blue ray and hd dvd is beconming more clear and why we need all this space in future games

EnforcerOfTheTruth5871d ago

To be honest I never played and never intended to play FPS games on consoles, but this game sounds so interesting that it may change. From a good, unusual story to massive action on screen, destructable environments, weapons, etc. all that sounds great and it apperears it will be a differnet experience than the FPS games I play on PC.

UrbanJabroni5871d ago

If we can place the fanboyism aside for a second and have a discussion amongst the designers...

...what exactly is taking up 20GB? I mean, I love how everyone wants to support BluRay for gaming and that is fine, but can anyone really fathom anything besides HD video that is taking up that much space? Let's look at World of Warcraft, which has more content than any game could dream of, has texture resolutions far beyond anything any console can touch and has more in-game geometry than any FPS ever will.

Cheking my hard drive WOW uses, after 2 YEARS of patching, 7 GB on my hard drive.

I guess if the game saves every texture in the game as a native Photoshop file and converts it on the fly to jpg, uses completely uncompressed audio and and stores everything 3 times in case the disk gets scratched I can see a developer claiming their _FIRST GENERATION_ game requires a 4x leap in storage capacity.

I know everyone is going to pile on the "Dude, Sony totally made the right decision and 360 and PC are totally screwed" bandwagon, but can anyone here with even the slightest knowledge of game design seriously argue this is anything more than BS hype from a PS3 paid-developer.

Sphinx5871d ago

...has a hard time compressing files. So, of course uncompressed files take up a lot more room. Oblivion runs on a DVD-9. Plus, it is just a ploy for Sony to be able to say, "See!? You do need all that space!"

Lucidmantra5871d ago

exactly. Uncompressed you can use up 20 GB in a minute.

AuburnTiger5871d ago

"..has a hard time compressing files"

That's a retarded thing to say. If you didn't know, blu ray uses the same compression techniques found HD DVD players. To further your knowledge, Blu ray can use VC-1, mpeg2 and mpeg/H.264.


BURLY5871d ago

Trust me when I say that you should not trust anything that Insomniac says because it is obvious that they are just a proxy for Sony's marketing / propaganda arm.

Furthermore, should hope that this game is mostly video and / or propaganda fluff because otherwise this game will set records for the longest loading times ever experienced in a video game. Remember that the PS3 only has 256mb of texture memory and the Blu-Ray drive is SL-SL-SL-SLOOOOW! I personally wouldn't worry too much though because as Urban just pointed out -- this is a joke!

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Ravenator5295871d ago

Why would you downgrade to 30 FPS to add 8 more people online?

What a stupid move! If you were running the game with 32 people online at 60 FPS, keep it that way! Don't dumb it down for 8 more people!

And he keeps talking about the size of the game. But he never says anything about compression. Is this 20GB compressed? I don't think so. Go ahead and compress your 20GB game so that we can play it easily on a 360. Quit trying to fool people.

sa739175871d ago

Perhaps part of the reason they need so much space is that they are including 7.1 Channels of UNCOMPRESSED audio on the disc... (which for the audiophiles in the audience will be great news!).. Factor this uncompressed audio in a few different languages (as Sony has already stated they'll be doing multilingual discs) and suddenly you've chewed up a big chunk of disc..

In addition he talks about shooting for 1080p resolution.. That being the case any of the cutscenes will need to be in that resolution and even compressed will take up a sizeable chunk of space..

So whilst yes they could definitely compress it to fit on a DVD, why lose the quality.. Especially when they have plenty of space to burn with Blue Ray..