Namco: Microsoft Paid for Western Tales of Vesperia Exclusivity

A Namco Bandai Europe community representative has stated that the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia will never make it West because "Microsoft paid for the exclusivity". The Junior Community manager revealed the status of Vesperia's PS3 port release in a reply to a fan on Facebook.

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Sonyslave32705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Namco just don't want to bring over states that all. look at Fx13 sony said the only way u can get it in japan is on the ps3.

6months later FX13 xbox360version is announce for japan

Abash2705d ago

I remember when Microsoft cared about exclusives, but now all they care about is Kinect and Halo

NoobSessions2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

You're right, it is a business.

MS AND Sony both do it. Not reigonally, but in general.

@ disagrees, Im simply stating fact.

captain-obvious2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

wait a sec
did he say Sony paid QD to make HR exclusive ??

how did he know ??
he doesn't work for QD

i think he just threw that in just to show that others do it too
but then again it may be true IDK

anyway on-topic
this was a very very stupid move by MS

Kon2704d ago

'I remember when Microsoft cared about exclusives, but now all they care about is Kinect and Halo'

Which are both exclusives to MS

NeoBasch2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Well, if memory serves me right, Microsoft bought Tales of Vesperia as a timed exclusive over in Japan, in hopes that it would boost sales and gain them some form of market penetration.

Namco took this as a sign that they didn't need to make a PS3 version as the 360 version would do just fine. They probably had high hopes for the title and perhaps future arrangements such as this for the series. But it failed. The system received a small boost, but went right back to 1K a week afterwards. I think this is when Microsoft gave up on Japan.

It was then that Namco realized that there was still demand for the title and released an enhanced version for the PS3 in Japan. This exclusivity deal, probably only applied to Japan. It's more likely that Namco is using this as an excuse. They don't want to take their chances and be burned out yet again.

Understandable, but I'd honestly pray they try. Sitting on ports like this, which could generate a lot of money if played right, only serves to further dampen this companies sullied reputation. They're in a rut, and they're blaming the fanbase for getting them in there in the first place.

Regardless, this isn't the first time Microsoft has pulled something like this. Back oh probably a decade ago, they reigned in Level-5 to make them a game for Xbox Live to help push the system and the online service in the land of the rising sun (True Fantasy Live Online). To cut a long story short, it got axed nearly three years later.

They said the plug was pulled because Microsoft didn't know how to work with Japanese developers (poor producers). I wouldn't be surprised if it was a similar story here with Namco. Maybe they learned, but my guess is they didn't.

lelo2play2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Looking at this as a business point of view... Microsoft tried a few exclusive JRPG's but it didn't work out, simply because the Japanese didn't want nor buy the console. What's the point of Microsoft buying exclusive JRPG's when just a few weeks back it was announced that the X360 had only sold in Japan (biggest JRPG's markey) 1.5 million consoles in 5-6 years. Who is going to buy the game to make a profit? Americans and Europeans? I don't think so.

I blame the Japanese for no Lost Odyssey 2 nor Blue Dragon 2 :)

As for western exclusives... Microsoft does need more of those, but unfortunately they prefer wasting money on things that have no interest to me, like Skype... instead of buying more 1st party studios.

ChronoJoe2704d ago

Sony seem to have long standing agreements with their second party studios. Microsoft seem to purchase exclusivity at random.

I mean the tales of deal her would have cost a fair bit, but in the end it wasn't a game that was going to sell that well in US/EU anyway - if they wanted to benefit they'd need exclusivity in Japan, and not the other way around. As it stands it's just an irritation for fans.

Yi-Long2704d ago

... IF it would have had the original voices. Which it doesn't.

Baka-akaB2704d ago


I'd blame microsoft still , instead of the japanese public .

Their japanese market oriented games came , but far too late .

Remember than they launched the console with stuff like perfect dark zero and kameo .

Imagine either sony or nintendo launching their console on western soils with pachinko games mostly ... are we sure we'd rush toward it ? At best they'd have the support of the fans of their first party games .

But Microsoft didnt have that lxury over japan , wich is why they should have made a near perfect launch isntead .

bessy672704d ago

@Yi-Long: Tales of Vesperia actually has some of the best english voice-overs of any jrpg. Karol can get a little annoying, but that's it.

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Misterhbk2704d ago

Well they can still bring the game to Europe which would allow me to import the game in English for ps3. I'd still be happy with that.

mastiffchild2704d ago

Ha! You obviously don't know what it's like to have to suffer in the gaming ghetto of the EU!! We get nothing and what we do get we get last-do NOT imagine an English version will be coming to SCEE land any time soon. Namco won't do it and SCEE won't help. Sorry, not a starter.

vsr2704d ago

what's the reason for selling this game for non rpg(tales) fans on xbox ? wrong platform and fans are frustrated. Who can afford xbox to play this game ?

Simon_Brezhnev2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Question is wtf is Scamco going to say about the other 2 tales game on PS3. Nintendo paid for this exclusively in the west. LOL

Well now that i think about it didnt the PS3 get Eternal Sonata a year later with more content and it was in English.

Peaceful_Jelly2704d ago

Tales of Graces F has a NA release for 2012.. 3 years late and terribly outdated by today's standards but at least we get our first Tales game on PS3 on the west. But Xillia and Vesperia are the ones I really want. =(

SaiyanFury2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I feel it my duty to report that if Namdai wasn't bringing Tales of Vesperia to the west, they would never have teased it on the Tale of Two Richards website for Tales of Graces F with the contorted logo. Also Troy Baker confirmed that he and the other English voice actors worked on voicing extra content for the western PS3 version. If Microsoft had really paid for western exclusivity, then why invest more money in ToV? Why would Namdai invest money in a game that will never exist? Also note that Tales of Graces F was the first contorted logo to appear on the site. Now it's been announced. It seems to me that Namdai is trying to focus more on a lesser game in the series, and by dismissing a western release to people in the west, they're trying to shift attention from the release of ToV to the lesser release of ToG F. It's smoke and mirrors. People have been doing it for centuries. Namdai is aiming to generate a more alarmed response when it announces ToV to generate more sales, and I'm really not surprised. Don't be fooled by the statement about Microsoft paying them for exclusivity. They did the same for Eternal Sonata as well. Timed exclusivity. ToV WILL come to the west, it's only a matter of time. Use logic and examine the leaked information. Don't judge based on one obfuscating statement by a Namdai representative. They have a history of obscuring the truth. One need only have faith and examine the leaked facts. Namdai has invested money in the English voice actors for more material. It's coming. One need merely wait.

Baka-akaB2704d ago

that logic doesnt really fly with Namco ...

Half of the tales of game were never realised overseas , period . Some of the best even .

asdfasdfbeasts2704d ago

"Lesser release?" Funny, considering far more fans asked specifically for ToGF than ToV PS3. yes, I counted the FB and Twitter requests. Wanna see?

showtimefolks2704d ago

but sony didn't pay for exclusives heavy rain they paid for development and they own the IP see the difference.

TBM2704d ago

meh if the PS3 version over there has the japanese voiceovers with the english substitles, and the stuff content that was missing from my 360 copy then ill just import the damn thing.

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Nitrowolf22705d ago

If only they supplied english subs.

Jazz41082704d ago

I can't believe we are talking about this. I played this many years ago on the 360 and I still own it.

SkyCrawler2705d ago

Wow...dick move...But it is a business...

Fox012704d ago

I guess Tales of Xillia being a PS3 exclusive is a "dick move" as well right? Versus XIII and DQ 10 too right?

Biggest2704d ago

Did Sony pay for either game to be exclusive? Until we know that they did, the answer is no. It is not a dick move.

radphil2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Tales of Xillia is coming out on the PS3 in Japan. Tales of Vesperia was out on both, but only 1 here in the US.

You do the math.

It's more of a jerk move by cutting it down than adding on. You know people would have less of an issue if ToV was out on 1 system in Japan, then 2 here, then 2 there, where as going 2->1 looks much more "jerkish".

The problem isn't so much that a game is exclusive on a system, but they make it exclusive to shaft sales for another platform. Besides that, why the hell aren't they using that funding towards studios?

Jihaad_cpt2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

hey Fox get get your dick out of your brain why would any developer release a game in Japan exclusively for Xbox? there are only 1.5 million consoles live there

Silly gameAr2705d ago

It took them this long just to say this?

"When pressed further, she revealed this piece of information, which to our understanding, has never officially been mentioned by Namco themselves: "Microsoft paid for the [western] exclusivity, the same way as Sony paid for having Heavy Rain only on PS3. It's just one way the business works, sadly."

The only difference is the Tales series was already established and Heavy Rain was a new unproven IP. Why even use that as an example?

AP2705d ago

It is a pretty poor example, really. Amazing Microsoft paid for this, though. Was it a worthwhile investment, really? Vesperia sold next to nothing.

ruibing2704d ago

It really ticks me off when MS uses money not to fund games but rather to prevent games from reaching other consoles. This is not good for the industry. I'd rather have them use the money to make a sequel to one of their franchise or to keep one of their internal studios.

Big difference for Heavy Rain is that Sony funded development, so the title may never have come to light otherwise.

Tuxedo_Mask2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Microsoft's efforts in this aspect is exactly why this gen won't have a system with a library as large and diverse as the PS2 does. Microsoft wanted a reason to get people to buy their system and paid publishers like Namco-Bandai in order to prevent the PS3 from having as large of a library as the PS2. In a way this method was effective, as there are many games that should be multiplatform in the West like Tales of Vesperia and Deadly Premonition to name only two that are on the PS3 in Japan but exclusive to the Xbox360 in the West.

What Microsoft didn't expect was that the people who wanted these games would either import them, due to the PS3 being region free, or just not buy an Xbox360 and hope in vain for a localization. Because of this aspect of Microsoft's planning I'm disappointed with how this generation has gone compared to the last one, but I can't blame Microsoft as they have achieved what they set out to do. I'm sure there are some people who bought a 360 due to the exclusive JRPGs they had early on, but I never did. The PS3 is starting to get more JRPGs and hopefully we'll see Xillia in the West, but I still wish the Japanese developers hadn't taken the money from Microsoft and instead chose to support the PS3 from the beginning.

I think the reason so many people talk of the decline of the JRPG is because they were mostly 360 exclusives at the beginning of this generation and a lot of them landed with a thud due to the majority of their audience choosing the PS3.

ceedubya92704d ago

Regardless, JRPGS without the name Final Fantasy were never really flying off the shelves anyway. The genre is really niche outside of Japan.

However, its hard not to see that some of these games would have done at least a bit better if they had a wider potential audience.

Louis_Guzman2704d ago

@Ceedubya9: Sure kid, except Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Demon's Souls and Dragon Quest outsell their western rpg counterparts in the west, consistently.

TheDivine2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

We all knew this. They paid for eternal sonata for a year exclusivity and also star ocean 4. I was happy they did it because i only had a 360 and got those 3 plus magna carta 2, last remnant, infinite undiscovery, blue dragon and lost odyssey. MS was a a jrpg rampage trying to get japan to buy 360s. Didnt work but we got alot of great games and lets face it, without that push we wouldnt have many good jrpgs this gen. They recently got tons of japanese dev on board for kinect which even if it doesnt win japan it will make great games. The bad thing is ms gives up if it doesnt sell millions. Id love more kameo, too human, and i will hate ms forever for cancelling cry on from mistwalker. BASTARDS! Tales was never a sony franchise anyways, was on snes, psx, ps2, gamecube, 360, wii, and now ps3 (not to mention handhelds).

Dont know why people say ps3 is the jrpg console, it barely has any. People expected it to be the jrpg console but sony has been slackin. Sad thing is MS was pumpin em out trying to be the jrpg console but people didnt buy a 360 for it. If all the jrpg lovers would have bought jrpgs on 360 they would still be making big AAA jrpgs. Instead peopled dismissed the 360 and the games.

phoenixdown2704d ago

i don't buy jrpgs on my lamebox360. that's what my ps3 is for.

NoobSessions2704d ago

I love how you get so many disagrees, yet but nothing to counter it [:

In the first couple years, Xbox had the best JRPG games.

Seijoru2705d ago

Wow bullshit move by Namco. The majority of Tales and Jrpgs lovers have PS3s.

Surfaced2704d ago

Can't beat Microsoft's dollars.

ceedubya92704d ago

Which makes you wonder just how big that list of JRPG lovers actually is.

Baka-akaB2704d ago

still a stupid move for namco , as a result they tales of division went from raising money to being in the red .