Miyamoto says Nintendo looking to balance Wii U power with price

Miyamoto isn't sure if he can say that Wii U will be significantly more powerful than other systems currently available.

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TurismoGTR2677d ago

Wii U will fail simply because the casual customers who bought the first wii doesn't know this is the NEXT GEN Wii.

More of a Upgradable add on in there eyes.

trancefreak2677d ago

Im sure of it the name will throw people off with confision.

Example: Kid tells mom get me Wii u for xmas. Mom gets Wii kid throws fit. Could happen.

Also im not to sure about the controller and I relise nintendos emphasis is on that controller.

If they really want to bring in the harcore non ninty like dead space/ bioshock /cod type games, they are not going to want to game on that interactive controller long term.

I would not want to play all games after really subjectively analyzing that controller.

I hope Nintendo makes a separate controller for those types of games because I know there will be a demand for it. Might have to get an after market type controller if possible.

AznGaara2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

There is one major thing that controller will be extremely useful for in games like Dead Space, Batman, Mass Effect etc etc. and thats displaying inventoy and stats.

trancefreak2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Interesting I don't want to knock the controller one bit until I can try it you know but..

I'm just more oriented with the xbox/ps3 controllers tbh.

I like those ideas though!

madjedi2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

@azngaara Sorry but rpgs have used it for yrs, it's called the select or start button, or whatever button the devs want to designate as the menu button. Some games will kill you when your not paying attention.

If you and others get excited at a designated inventory screen, by all means but i am a stubborn type if it's not practical or reasonable it's a waste of time.

I really hope developers think of a better use for the screen than a extra inventory screen or a constantly zoomed sniper scope.

ChickeyCantor2677d ago

", it's called the select or start button, or whatever button the devs want to designate as the menu button. "

Yeah that totally doesn't take you out of the action...

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Achtung2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )


And that's why you have one bubble... lulz

lizard812882677d ago

expect for the part after E3, where all my local news stations covered the wiiu, which was odd, saying the wii is dead and the wiiu is coming out soon. but yet had nothing about M$ or sony's E3

point being, i'm sure it will get more coverage once its out/ about to be released. the local news and the world news covered the wii. even if this isn't as popular, i'm sure they will mention it.

vickers5002677d ago

It better be cheap as hell since they aren't putting a blu-ray or dvd drive in it, like 150-200 dollars cheap.

coryok2677d ago

better have some kick ass games too, i dont want to spend 200$ on something that im only gonna play a mario game and super smash on. im looking for some actual games

Valk2677d ago

my God that is the stupidest comment ever and shows u have zero understandig of the tech... DVD is 9 gigs. Blu ray is 25 gigs or more and most of the space is never used for games. Nintendo is using their own format thats around 20 gigs. are you really stupid enough to think that it comes without any way of playing discs at all? Go back to Sony, they'll miss you and they need people like you..

Nintendo is more for people with enough common sense to figure things out.

vickers5002676d ago

"are you really stupid enough to think that it comes without any way of playing discs at all?"

Seems like you're the stupid one, as I never said or implied in my comment that it wouldn't be able to read discs. How about you actually read my comment first before commenting like an idiot? Sound like a plan?

ConstipatedGorilla2677d ago

I was really excited about this thing up until E3. The more I hear about Wii U, the more it sounds like a really bad idea. I see this thing failing for many reasons which have already been listed in this thread so I won't repeat them. Not having the simple ability to play DVDs is asinine to me.

BrianC62342677d ago

This sounds dumb. If they go cheap on the power all they'll have is a console around the same power as the PS3 and 360. That won't be worth buying a year or two after it comes out. They have to make it as powerful as they can.

tweet752677d ago

this is KEY. Anything over $350 will cause problems for nintendo.

madjedi2677d ago

Yeah no sorry $350 alone will cause problems regardless of the graphics, just because that is alot of money, just as it would for the ps4/720.

Can't read the article, keeps locking my ps3 up, but it is a safe bet to reason the wii u, will not be as powerful as people initially believed it would be.

Balancing price with power, forgot controller costs, and the profit lvl they want to maintain on their hardware, in the description.

If it's as powerful or slightly more powerful than the current systems anything above $250, will be a problem for nintendo, to get ps3/360 users.

Sandworm792677d ago

Ive always played games on a playstation console for years before i tried out gears of war on the 360.i didnt naturally know where x,y,a or b were so i needed to look down to tap buttons.u can imagine how terrible i played.relating to this experience years ago,im wondering how useful having a screen on a controller would be on any fastpaced game.

Valk2677d ago

Dude it's not like every game is going to change to use that feature... Some of you are just morons...Like devs wouldnt think of that..

Just because its a new controller and it will bring new ways to play doesnt mean they cant make it work with old style games...

I would hate to see some of you drive if you never do anything but look dead ahead and I'd hate to see how quickly you get blown awway on a battle field by never lowering you weapon and looking down from time to time.

Just another hater happy to look like a moron to grasp for any kind of negative about something you will probably never support unless Sony copies it.

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