Halloween Special: Top 10 Scare The Hell Out Of You Games

Via Ripten:

"Here at Ripten, we're nothing if not festive. As the weather turns cold and the pumpkins light up, we take a look at some games that are sure to scare the crap out of you this holiday season. Read on... if you dare! Muwahahaha!"

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Nostradavis4502d ago mean the lovely nature video? haha.

Nostradavis4501d ago


Definitely a good one. You should post a link to it on their comment area.

Skerj4502d ago

Something told me that video was gonna have something scream at me, was I right?

Shaka2K64502d ago

As old as wiis hardware.

Fatal Frame 2/3 better then SH.

vilmer4502d ago

Fatal Frame not being mentioned is a crime.

OOG FunK4502d ago personal scariest game experience was play clock tower on the ps1 when I was like 11 at like midnight not knowing what the game was about and having that big scissor bastard chase me thru the hospital damn bastid tricked me and hopd outa the elevator and choped my ass up.... what a sleep I had or didnt have... lol

yea and what about fatal frame they are good tooooo...

n bioshock...please that wasnt scary.....condemned was scarier then that

sticky doja4501d ago

THe original clock tower scared the crap out of me. It was either go run and hide and luck out that he didn't find you or get cut it half, no middle ground.

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