Alice: Madness Returns Review - WGTC

In Alice: Madness Returns, our young heroine is an impoverished orphan who is haunted by the traumatic events that took the lives of her parents. The memories of these harrowing events start to induce Alice’s Wonderland hallucinations and so she returns to the twisted world in search of answers and a chance to retain her sanity.

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TheHip142776d ago

Quite a surprise, didn't think this one would turn out to be anything special

MinimeJer052776d ago

Another 4/5 from WGTC! Looks like a decent game.

Wick2776d ago

I'm surprised as well. Looking forward to renting it over the summer, or picking it up if I can find it cheap. Glad it includes the first one (which I missed years back,) but it's too bad it requires a pass.

RaymondM2776d ago

man, i remember playing the original game in high school and getting so creeped out. this one looks sick too