Metal Gear Peacewalker HD Gameplay

Big Boss goes HD in this taste of METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER HD, part of the forthcoming METAL GEAR SOLID HD Collection which will also include METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF LIBERTY and METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER remastered in HD.

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SarahFox2681d ago

i never got Peace Walker because i thought they would just put it on PSN, i am so happy they remade it and I can relive all the great days of Metal Gear, now they just have to remake the originals

ThanatosDMC2681d ago

It is on PSN but for PSP. I hope they fix the missions in which there can only be two people.

Wait, actually most missions except boss fights were only two player co-op. Boss fights and shooting gallery missions can go up to 4 players. I hope they fix the dumb AI of the mission in where you're by the cliffs in which you fight snipers and where you fight the tank AI and Peace Walker.

Soldierone2681d ago

I was waiting in line to play this at E3 and the guy in front of me literally had no idea what he was doing. I am not exaggerating this, but he was literally running into a wall for like 10 minutes before a Kojima rep came over and told him what button to press. Then everytime he came up to a wall he had to look down and think about it for a second....Was so annoying lol.

The game did look good though. It basically looks like your PSP screen but bigger without a resolution decrease.

Jack-Pyro2681d ago

Whoever's playing this sucks hard...

BoNeSaW232681d ago

I CANNOT stand gameplay videos were the "player" sucks Ass! It's like watching my sister play videogames, I want to pull my hair out!

Knushwood Butt2681d ago


The worst is queuing up to play a Gran Turismo game at a show, and having to wait forever while all you can do is watch the clueless idiots who got in line before you smash the car into the wall.

GunofthePatriots2681d ago

this was my goty last year. the amount of content that was on a handheld system was great.

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The story is too old to be commented.