GameInformer: Dungeon Siege III Review

GameInformer: "With Dungeon Siege III, developer Obsidian Entertainment brings the hack-and-slash RPG series to consoles for the first time. The game is firmly entrenched in old-school tropes, but it does add a few more contemporary enhancements.

Character customization is satisfyingly deep, and players can tweak each character’s abilities through proficiencies. For instance, Anjali’s fire jackal can be tweaked to do more damage or have a bigger pool of hit points. Each ability has five slots for proficiencies, so you have to make some tough decisions. Beyond that, talents offer ability neutral buffs to characters, such as improved healing or additional damage.

I recommend Dungeon Siege III to anyone who wants to connect with friends and kill a whole mess of monsters together. Thanks to the strong AI, even the single-player campaign is worth a look if you can’t wrangle up a party. It’s one of the best hack-and-slash options out there for consoles, and it’s no slouch on the PC front, either.

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