Motion Control: Good or Bad for gaming?

With the introduction of the Nintendo Wii to the next generation console war, gaming changed forever due to its motion control functionality. Suddenly, an entirely new crop of people started to pick up a controller. Which is exactly what Nintendo was banking on. Currently the Nintendo Wii is the most successful console in video game history with over 86 million units sold worldwide...

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DrFUD2679d ago

Bad for gaming.
Same goes for Ipad and Iphone - bad for gaming.
...theres a reason gaming evolved into twin sticks and a bunch of buttons.

BrianG2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Yea, because there was a market for that.

Just like there is a market for games with no controllers, motion controllers, simple controllers, touch screens, etc...

How would you feel if driving could only be done in a Honda Civic? Some might like it, but others are going to want the F150 experience, or the Corvette experience, etc... Might not be the best analogy, but I'm sure you understand what I'm getting at.

EDIT: I'm with Kon, optional is the best way to go IMO. Freedom of choice.

MaxXAttaxX2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Some games are ruined thanks to motion controls. Not to say the whole game is ruined, of course, but at certain times yeah.
For example, there are some Nintendo games that play perfectly until they force me to use the Wiimote in Donkey Kong or the new Kirby to make a train track. Worst part of the game.

Redgehammer2678d ago

Really? Motion controls are great for those that enjoy them. Adding people to the brotherhood, and sisterhood of gaming is a good thing. As long as all demographics have something to enjoy then everyone should be happy.

ChickeyCantor2678d ago

"...theres a reason gaming evolved into twin sticks and a bunch of buttons."

They evolved into twin sticks for intuitive input.
Where do you think the idea for motion controls stem from?

DrFUD2678d ago

They evolved to grant more control and depth which is completely opposite of your motion based ideas.

Titanz2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

If it's implemented right, it can lead to amazing experiences.

I guess I'm a part of the minority.

BryanBegins2679d ago

I'm with you, but this N4G, the land of anti-innovation and more-of-the-same-is-what-we-wa nt. I'm always amazed by how so-called hardcore gamers just want what they are used to. I guess those gamers hater dual analog stick at first and were like "there is nothing like a pad to play real games!" lol

At the end, I'm all for innovation. And motion control is here to stay along with more traditional controls.

theIMP2677d ago

I don't think it's so much the innovation they hate around here as it is the company that makes it. The truth it unless it's Sony doing it, on N4G it's shit. Period.

Redgehammer2678d ago

The world shows us over and over again that open-mindedness is a minority.

SageHonor2679d ago

Its good for people that want to expand their taste and its good for casual players.. Not many hardcore gamers care that much about it though

beast242tru2679d ago

kinect kind of motion i think great for multimedia interface bad for games the move and wii are more optional IMO

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