Examiner's 2011 E3 Awards - Best Publisher: Sony

Examiner: Sony had what it took to win us over with humility, announcements, and spectacle with a press conference-party combo, but that's not the reason why they earned our Best Publisher award. This award obviously focuses on publishing itself, and we couldn't find a better company out there who excelled in having both a deep and diverse line-up of games than Sony.

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Tilian2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

With unrivaled first-party studios it's of little surprise.

Just wish we could have seen some more from Team Ico!

And Journey has my undivided attention.

moparful992869d ago

Its good to see Sony finally getting their just dues... Their first party onslaught is the reason I remain a loyal sony customer.. All of that other nonsense that people bicker about should be afterthoughts compared to your library of games but for some reason this gen has been a battle of features and specs... So thankful that Sony has remained aware of what gamers really desire... GAMES!!!