Xbox live is not hacked! Says Offical Xbox support member.

Offical xbox support member assures users that xbox live has NOT been hacked.

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thugbob3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Good news. I wouldn't want anyone to experience what happened to PSN users such as myself when PSN got hacked.

omi25p3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Disagree fairies again

kingdoms3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

No one cares about PSN here that is why he is getting disagrees. False sentiments used to suggest the 360 has been comprised or could have been conveniently right after PSN was attacked suggests people were on the sidelines hoping XBL was hacked. You know how many psn hacked articles I visited? 1!!!!!

Being Hacked is bad, stealing so many card numbers and other personal info is what got governments of the world involved.

Parapraxis3647d ago

Just wondering kingdoms, how many card numbers were stolen?

Tank_Commander_E63647d ago

Oh I believe you MS... I believe you.

RedDead3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Xbox live was never said to be hacked, a title suggested it the other day(get hits of course), if you actually read the article you would know that XL wasn't hacked, some other site got hacked and users had the same email and password as their xbox account(idiots)

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Sayai jin3647d ago

@thugbob- Agreed. Good news it was not hacked into.

For those who were already applauding these idiots for trying to hack into XBL; grow up.

For those who applauded when the PSN got hacked; grow up too! Were you happy becuase of the make believe console wars? tsk

No system is completely hack free...No one should have their info stolen...I repeat no one.

Lets hope they eventually catch these fools.

denero13647d ago

this needs to be approved asap so people know not to worry -_-

mikhail_tisoy3647d ago

confirmed xboxlive is superior due to unhackable technology

metsgaming3647d ago

i cant tell if your being sarcastic or actually serious

MRHARDON3647d ago

Actually Microsoft servers uses SSL, so everything on there servers are encrypted and the servers are at a controlled facility

Microsof uses 2048 bit encrytion, it would take trillions of years, would never be possible to decrypt 2048 bit encryption.

Microsoft is committed to helping protect the security of the information we collect. We use a variety of encryption technologies and security procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Please click here to learn more.

At Microsoft, we take the security of your personal information very seriously. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. For example, we store the personal information you provide on computer servers with limited access that are located in controlled facilities. Additionally, if we transmit sensitive personal information (such as a credit card number) over the Internet, we protect it through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

If you manage to hack Microsoft servers, you can't do anything since the information is encrypted :D

spektical3647d ago

experienced hackers will find ways around though.

MRHARDON3647d ago

HAHAHAHAHA that is funny, You can not break 2048 bit encryption, its not possible.


128-bit 2^128 2 multiplied by 2
128 times over. = 339,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0,000,000,000,000
(give or take a couple trillion...)

I do not feel like doing the math but if there is a possible 339,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0,000,000,000,000
combinations for 128 bit, guess how many combinations there are for 2048 bit?

newn4gguy3647d ago

Trillions of years, you say?

Challenge accepted.

Sayai jin3647d ago

Yeah its a double edge sword when it comes to XBL security in a way. Some devs do not like to deal with MS closed network, but it does wonders on the security side of the house.

seinfan3647d ago

Wolfram that shit, dude!

shoddy3647d ago

CIA should hire xlive engineers.

radphil3647d ago

"You can not break 2048 bit encryption, its not possible. "

Wtf happened to running program calculations? >_>

It's possible, it's just a damn long, long time.

Don't confuse possibility, with likelihood.

xAlmostPro3647d ago

@MRHARDON lol you're so silly. May i add that microsoft don't use it for everything.

There's still things known as bypassing and rooting.

Also please link me to the source of which security they use for what, im interested(genuinely)

MRHARDON3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

When you go to, Press Privacy Statement

Then it will link you to here

Microsoft is Truste verified, that means they use encryption of your CC info, personal info on everything, even Xbox Live.

It would take a trillion years to break into 128 bit encryption.

So if I did the math correctly, it would take exactly 16 trillion years to break into 2048 bit.

And FYI, Bill Gates is probley alot smarter then all the hackers out there, he is not stupid to allow a hacker who lives in there moms basement into his servers.

Not going to happen.

Ding3647d ago


Google search Live + Hacked
About 41,000,000 results (0.14 seconds)

First page 2nd hit
============================= ======
Digital Munition's Finisterre also made a note about the lack of support from Microsoft:
I just got off the phone with a Microsoft Tech for Xbox live that has confirmed this to with me and they have stated that accounts are being stolen and that "Hackers have control of Xbox live and there is nothing we can do about it."
============================= ========

The date of that article is Mar 20 2007, 3 days before Sony even launched the PS 3 in Europe, let alone PSN. lol

This year alone, the guy who bans people from live had his Live account hacked, as did Major Nelson, as did Michael Pachter.

The difference with Sony is that the first time they sensed a breach they shut down the whole network and rebuilt the servers.. Microsoft just gave up all those years ago and simply said there was nothing they could do about it.

So much for your 128bit encryption.

Ding3647d ago

So who disagreed with me?


is the article I qouted here..
Xbox Live hacked, accounts stolen
By Ryan Naraine | March 20, 2007, 2:01pm PDT
============================= ====

is the headline/note date.

In case you can't get your mummies to type in search "Banhammer + Live account hacked"

Or Major Nelson + Live account hacked

actually Major Nelson was last year "March 2010", third aniversary of the first one. Lol

Or Michael Pachter

Face facts kiddies, this is worse than the random attacks, hackers are going over Live like it's some cheap crack whore and attacking any individual they like.

evrfighter13647d ago

dude you're talking about accounts being hacked. Anyone can brute force specific accounts given a few days. all it is is guess and check. OR these fools in your articles fell victim to phishing schemes. which people weren't aware of back in 2007 like they are today


are talking about xbox live itself. completely different.

Silentscope3647d ago

@Ding What you're talking about with the accounts being hacked is typically Social Engineering where someone will go through a persons emails and whatnot to figure out important passwords and emails. Major Nelson's and I believe Stepto's as well were both "hacked" because the "Hacker" got their password through social engineering on their blogs.

andibandit3643d ago

i'll just string toghether a few ps3's with their über SPE's and start cracking that 2048 bit encryption. would problably be done in 4 maybe 5 seconds.

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Catatafish3647d ago ShowReplies(1)
MRHARDON3647d ago

Your right, nothing would only take a few trillion years to even go through 339,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0,000,000,000,000 possible combintions.

But that is only for 128 BIT, what about 2048 bit combination?

It would take hundreds of trillions of years to go though the possible combinations.

So, your right, nothing is hack would only take a few hundred trillion years to hack it.

nopunctuation3647d ago

...You just pulled that out of your ass didnt you?

Eamon3647d ago

You do realise a CPU these days could go through trillions of combinations in possibly under an hour?

MRHARDON3645d ago

Well we will see if Xbox Live gets hacked or not, if it does, it does, if it doesnt, it doesnt.

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Kon3647d ago

Not this time, not this time.

MidnytRain3647d ago

Is it weird that to me, a one-bubble is the most recognizable user on N4G?

vishant1013647d ago

thats because kon makes it his business to enlighten us with his comments

xAlmostPro3647d ago

Or maybe they didn't root the info from XBL directly.. which may be more worrying as it means some how they've create a way of phising xbl details externally..

they had user info/passwords/twitter details and if im not wrong even the paypal details of these people

Silentscope3647d ago

Well honestly, I follow Lulz on twitter to keep up with the latest hacking they do to be sure I can stay "protected," they never said they hacked live.