Gizmodo: Find Out if Your Passwords Were Leaked by LulzSec Right Here

Sam Biddle and Chris Beidelman — Another day, another giant LulzSec data dump. This time, the target's not the US government or a big company, but a sprawling list of 62,000 internet strangers (and their login data). Are you one of them? Find out.

The giant release encompasses a panoply of (very sensitive) sites: Gmail, Facebook, PayPal, WoW accounts—all private places you don't want a stranger rifling through.

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HeroComplex2678d ago

Dumb Gizmodo/Kotaku site. Just go here and look at the list instead of giving them your email:

TheBeast2678d ago

Glad I was not on that list...*whew.

hakis862676d ago

Off-topic; but hear me out.

Both Lulsec and Anon have proved that they can get information. So far they have leaked personal data, crashed sites, and so on.
They have hacked the Pentagon, CIA.. no problem, right?

ANON and LULSEC: Why can't you do something awesome and meaningful - why can't you get hold of all info there is about say Area 51 and aliens, and publish this as a torrent? Or send it to Wikileaks? or both.

Or is this too difficult?

Once and for all people can judge if it is real or fake - the government have ALWAYS been hiding this type of info. IT would really hurt if this got out.


Guitardr852676d ago


Nah man, screw wiki leaks. I hope they get those guys for treason or something. How stupid do you have to be to leak military movements and secrets that potentially get people killed.

Whatever..."Down with the man, empower the people!". This mentality is the basis for why the US is a declining country. All the pot smoking hippies have had kids that grew up in a time where they haven't had to work for anything and feel entitled to everything...

user83971442676d ago

I would love to get info about aliens. I hate the fact that the government hides things from us when we are the ones that pay everything.

TheHomerPimpson2676d ago


Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the Wiki-leaks leak contained anything that was super secret. All were mainly memos and nothing that would really be considered "super secret" (like military HQ coordinates, high-profile targets, or w/e). Think the most substantial thing to come out of it was the fact that sensitive material COULD be leaked out to a civilian. The guy should not be charged with treason.

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RedDead2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

I don't want spend 2 years looking through that

Glad my ones are fine

Edit--oh I c

Petro892677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

cmd + F

BubbleSniper2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Glad I decided to go minimization in regards to my footprint last year. I have 1 email for spam, wreckless behavior, 1 that I use a netbook to access exclusively, as well as purchase items online. and 1 for social networking sites.

also, while I use Facebook, everything there is false, birthday, pictures, etc.

With all that said, I still checked the LulzList and nothing. I use long, horrible passwords, aside from N4G and a few other sites.

[email protected] site still down. i'm throwing my hands up on this one

Ducky2677d ago

^ A simple trick I use is adding a space or two after the password.

I don't know how valid my theory is, but I assume that if my password was ever leaked, the hacker wouldn't know that there was a space after it.

Of course, not all places accept the space as a valid character in the password =(

Danteh2676d ago

@bubblesniper just curious but why the hell would you have everything fake in facebook? pictures? and when your friends tag you there in photos? I don't understand, seriously xD


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Redgehammer2677d ago

Is that the site for the people that released the information? If so I think you are crazy to go there.

Christopher2677d ago

Don't use that service. They more than likely just collect your e-mail in the process.

thesummerofgeorge2677d ago

They specifically said they aren't storing any emails in the process.

Christopher2677d ago

I'm specifically not replying to you to make a point that saying something doesn't make it a fact.

xTHRASHx2677d ago

I dunno, looks like a hacked gizmodo

thesummerofgeorge2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

cgoodno - Sure, they could be lying and secretly storing everyones email address for some reason, but do you have any reason to believe Gizmodo is "more than likely" doing this, or are you just talking out your ass?

Christopher2677d ago

Because Gizmodo is run by gawker, which has collected and sold e-mail lists in the past.

When in doubt, don't use a tool that's unnecessary.

Kind if like the Androjd N4G app, which just acts as middleware to give the developer some ad revenue while it just displays the standard N4G mobile site in an encased browser.

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ChronoJoe2677d ago

Duplicate article. This was on here like 3 days ago.

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miDnIghtEr2677d ago

You wouldn't be on that list, unless you were an idiot, and were phished by these guys. These guys did not hack Live like PSN. They phished, and people are idiots to use 1 password for everything.

Kon2677d ago

Glad my name isn't there.

akaFullMetal2677d ago

not on the list, just command f to find your name, very easy.

zero_gamer2677d ago

Mine is not in that batch fortunately. Time to change my credentials though.

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