Age of Empires Online content pricing revealed

Shack News: "Free-to-play" never means "completely free," and Age of Empires Online is no exception. Publisher Microsoft this week revealed the assorted content and bonuses that'll be on sale for the F2P online revival of the strategy series, along with its launch date.

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zeal0us2731d ago

who didn't see this coming? I mean its coming from M$, nothing is completely free or "as it seems"

lucifon2731d ago

Being from MS has nothing to do with it ¬_¬'

Free2Play doesn't mean 100% free otherwise how would the developers make any money? It's standard.

Fragger2k82731d ago

You know, Microsoft aren't the only ones who charge money for things such as extra content for MMO type games..

Xof2731d ago

Hasn't every AoE game had online? I don't get this at all.

Not that I particularly care. The series has been utterly without merit since Age of Kings.