Games.On.Net 2 Minute Review: InFamous 2

Games.On.Net writes,

InFamous 2 is a Big Deal. Sony has spent Big Money on this Big Exclusive, and it’s likely to cement the future of a Big Franchise.

I’m not giving it such a Big Score. We don’t give points out for trying...

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NukaCola2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

What a prick review.
"To reiterate, InFamous 2’s greatest flaw is its failure to live up to its potential and hit that Game of the Year tier of quality."
What the hell does this even mean?

callahan092732d ago

It means "it's flaw is that it's not good enough!". Which you and I both know is a meaningless statement. You must go the other way around, saying "it's not good enough because of these flaws..."

Pintheshadows2732d ago

Sadly, occasional framerate, camera and effect horrors

I've experienced none of these problems.

There's not a lot to do actually

There are 60 sidemissions!

It's nobody's game of the year.

Well so far it's mine.

ElementX2732d ago

Why do you

talk like this

in your post.

It's annoying.

dc12732d ago

I'm sure its his phone.

shammgod2732d ago

I completely disagree....I like the way he talks in his post

xabmol2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Actually, your post is annoying.

His post is broken up like that for a reason. He did it to show his difference of opinion in a clear way.

You just

cut up

your sentence

to look like

an ass hat.

wenaldy2732d ago

I don't care about review and such, THIS GAME is a blast...!!!!

X-Zone2732d ago

Terrible review, poorly written and opinions bordering on the delusional and fanboy-esque

reddeadite2732d ago

This game is awesome 9.5/10 for me

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The story is too old to be commented.