F.E.A.R. 3 PC Preview Build Leaked

DSOGaming writes: "Although F.E.A.R. 3 is scheduled for release next week, a PC preview build was leaked today to various torrent sites."

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lugia 40002680d ago

Thanks n4g. Now let me just download it...

Solid_Snake-2679d ago

i was gonna give it a try then remembered what the crysis 2 pre-build was like. so just gonna play it when i buy it.

mobijoker2680d ago

I dunno if the hackers or leakers has got smarter or the security of bigger companies got weaker.Leaking is happenning too often these days.

kevnb2680d ago

Meanwhile the full retail 360 version leaked...

Semir2680d ago

I'm playing it right now and I gotta say it's fu**ing awesome!!! You won't believe how much they changed everything. It's like, completely different to the previous F.E.A.R games. The new cover system rocks! And the graphics is beautiful. The atmosphere - unbelievable. The best enemy A.I. ever!!! I can't believe how good this game is! The guns are fu**ing awesome, especially the new shotgun, OMG, it's uber awesome. I'm having the time of my life playing this. I'll buy it day 1 !!!

joydestroy2680d ago

yep gonna try and scoop up the PC build but i pre-ordered this game for PS3 a long time ago =)

Motorola2680d ago

quote from the article
"And as always, the final/retail X360 version of F.E.A.R. 3 has been leaked to torrent sites." i loled

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