Portal 2 DLC Now Out, But Not For Free

Today Portal 2 DLC was released. However, it’s not the free DLC promised by Valve – rather, it’s designed specially for use with a motion controller for the PC that came out today, the Hydra motion controller.

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2fk2867d ago

portal 2 is awesome but motion crap is not something i would want to try

Kakkoii2866d ago

If you do a little research about it, it's actually a pretty great controller system, and has a much higher level of accuracy than the Move/Wii+. If it wasn't for the cost I'd hoenstly buy it, it look like good fun with portal.

2fk2866d ago

IMHO i absolutely hate any kind of motion control sorry

Kakkoii2865d ago

Haters gonna hate. Lol.

KonaBro2866d ago

made me spit out my beer from laughter.

dontbhatin2866d ago

so they will add dlc for a pc motion controller but they wont add support for the move???

Kamikaze1352866d ago

Valve didn't create these levels so it's not official DLC worth caring for.