Gameloft Downloads Pass 200 Million Milestone On App Store [Triple Entente Radio]

Gameloft recently celebrated surpassing 200 million downloads on the App Store, which makes it one of the biggest creators of iOS games to date.

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gameguidedog2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Got to talk with Gameloft and was extremely impressed with what they have going on for real 3D FPS games and casual stuff on ipads, androids, anything up to date with a screen really. Very cool controls on the ipad, didn't think it would be so simple to get a handle on, but the screen IS the controller for a fps. They have a great mindset and niche.. not too many great devs for phones and pad devices for gamers. Gameloft rocks, wicked nice to us, and gave us demos on a usb flash drive to boot. We'll have a story rolling out on all their new app/games this year sometime next week. Thanks TriplEnt!