New Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Game in Works

Saiyan Island reports the next game in the Ultimate Ninja Storm series is rumored to be coming to the PS3/360.

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gamerfan4eva2684d ago

The first one was good, the second was great, this has to be one for the ages.

Blaze9292684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

the games are good no doubt but the issue I've always had with CC2's Naruto games would be that the fighting is insanely lacking and simple. Makes the game get old everytime. I know some like it and I know some agree with me because after beating adventure mode and a few battles, the game is no longer fun.

They absolutely SHINE in Adventure mode, cutscenes, and scripted fights. Of course, graphics too. But actual gameplay - completely lackluster

At least with the DBZ games, you can acquire SOME skill and yeah, it totally helps to practice more and more. Naruto? Mash that same and ONLY attack button and you might win without even knowing what you did. Hey Deidara spammers, I'm talking to you.

Redempteur2684d ago

sorry but the main goal is a pick up and play game.. it's easy to take upon , but all the mastering is based on timing .it's simple , yes but i wonder if making thing overly complicated for an annime fighter is a good thing .. don't you want just to have fun ?

Seijoru2684d ago

Actually the PS2 games had fairly complex fighting. I can't stand the PS3 ones, they are just mindless skill spamming.

crxss2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I think it's pretty doubtful that we'll see ultimate ninja storm 3/generations this year. I really hope we see it soon or at least some information about it. The Anime is starting to catch the manga, sorta... So it'll be exciting to see how far the next game goes to. I hope it goes all the way to seeing Sasuke's eternal sharingan, Naruto's RM with abilities, as well as Edo Itachi and Nagato. I also hope they keep Tobi (but also make a new Madara skin) just cause he's so fun to play with even though he sucks.

rabidpancakeburglar2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I hope so but what would it cover? The anime is not too far ahead of where the last one left off and I'm not sure if the Great Ninja War will be covered by the time the game comes out. If they did it to keep up with the manga then that would be great.

That doesn't really answer my question. UNS2 covered about 180 episodes of shippuden, I'm just wondering what will be covered. If there is a third one then I fully expect it to be a solid 85/100 of metacritic, and that's factoring in the haters in reviews who will say it doesn't cater to non fans.

tayz2684d ago

its a cash money maker why not make it. and the 2nd one was so damn good they can make a 3rd one now

tayz2684d ago

there have been a ton of new characters. i dont think they need more episodes. danzo, zetsu, the kages, and each of the kage 2 guards. thats like 10 new characters right there. plus the samurai dude, hanzo, zabuza, haku, etc

tayz2684d ago


gravemaker2684d ago

most awesome online fighting game ever

VampiricDragon2684d ago

next will be raging blasts 3,

count on it

El-Fenemeno12132684d ago

I think the dbz game was already announced, but without an official title.

DrRichtofen2684d ago

they had a survey of what the name should be, raging blast 3 was not a choice.

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The story is too old to be commented.