What Battlefield 3 Could Look Like on The Wii U

This Is Wii take a look at what Battlefield 3 could possibly look like on the Wii U and what the new controller could be used for.

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baxy-z2679d ago

I don't know if I agree with the controller idea, but it's a cool idea nonetheless.

dangert122679d ago

it would of been good if it was smaller psv size

Farsendor12679d ago

would have been an awesome controller if it was psv size,wonder why they made the things so dang big.

Valk2679d ago

Yes a controller you have never touched would be perfect if it copied a portable you have never touched..

PSV it only does what Nintendo did last gen

Farsendor12678d ago

true i have never touched psv controller the darn thing does looked more comfortable to handle then wiiu controller.

not saying i wanted a clone of psv or anything. would seem a better ideal to just have a smaller controller.

i don't like handhelds too much or consoles but i am looking forward to seeing a console thats a bit more more excited about wiiu than psv.

AEtherbane2679d ago

Radar and other huds will go on the screen, not some weird looking and clunky weapon interface

UltimateIdiot9112679d ago

I don't know, if it's comfortable using the controller but I guess we'll find out. It just seems to clunky.

Ninjamonkey822679d ago

Really should have taken an image from BF3 lol instead of BFBC2 ;)

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