Review - Alice: Madness Returns (Gaming Irresponsibly)

Ryan Hillis of Gaming Irresponsibly writes :Let me start off by saying, this is not the Alice you remember when you were little. That fact is apparent from the box art. This Alice takes a more disturbing approach to the children’s story that Lewis Carroll introduced us to. Electronic Arts and Spicy Horse Games bring you a morbid “reimagining” of Alice in Wonderland with their newest title, Alice: Madness Returns.

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jerethdagryphon2684d ago

the subtitle should be enough to explain the story
or in few
words to get her mind back

agentxk2684d ago

I'm still going to check this one out.

Fullmetalevolust2684d ago

I truly like the mad world they tried to depict, I didnt play the first one, but this one has a lot of appeal. It might be worth getting once it's cheaper.

DOOMZ2684d ago

The game deserves a 9.0/10, go get it, its AMAZING!