Two New DS Models Announced - Zelda and Doggie Fans Rejoice!

Via Ripten:

"In case you haven't already bought one of the 53.64 Million DS units already sold, here is your chance to get a snazzy new piece of gaming hardware."

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royalracoon4871d ago

So is this a new Nintendogs game?

Nostradavis4871d ago

It is packaged with a game called "Nintendogs: Best Friends" I believe, not sure if it is new though.

royalracoon4871d ago

Well it looks like I will be getting up nice and early to pick this up for my daughter. Oh how I love the crowds at 5 am........

Grassroots4871d ago

Being a sucker for Zelda that I am, the gold color didn't sell me it's the tri-force in the right corner. haha.

PS360WII4871d ago

I still want to get the red/black one. Now they bust out a Zelda one! Also why don't we get the FF one like Japan did :(

Grassroots4871d ago

We will never get a Special Edition Square Enix anything. First, FF3 ds, then CC psp. Shouldn't we get some love too.

Nostradavis4871d ago

Totally Agree. I would pay extra for a FF version.