R.I.P Duke Nukem: Nostalgia, Gaming Retirement and the Modern Generation

Dan Curtis of Gamergaia writes: Ah, nostalgia. Such a wonderful thing. Described in the dictionary as ‘a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time’, the term is often used by those of the older gaming generation when referring to classics of the past. Such examples of nostalgia talk being thrown around include the often used “Remember when Sonic was actually good?” and, more recently, “whatever happened to that Duke Nukem fella?”
Well, Duke may have disappeared off our radars for an extremely long time – in fact it was easily long enough to grow a pretty lengthy, impressive and exceptionally whispy beard – but this year Duke returned to our gaming world and, as a result, was almost universally panned by critics around the globe.

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Cwalk8162681d ago

It seems obvious Duke wouldn't do well. I mean raising anticipation is one thing, but fucking around for almost a decade is another.

pungello882681d ago

Yeah this wasn't much of a shock but I was hoping it would help reinvigorate the genre with some old school style.

NYC_Gamer2681d ago

he was cool many years ago but its time to move on

flipmop442681d ago

it's just a shame when this happens to a franchise

Dead_Cell2681d ago

People grew up, Duke Nukem didn't.

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The story is too old to be commented.