Xbox COO Has 'Great Optimism' for Halo's Future Without Bungie

Halo was Microsoft's big break in the console world, instantly giving the original Xbox console credibility among hardcore gamers at the time. And now, even with Bungie having moved on to a new IP with Activision, Halo is clearly still Microsoft's crown jewel. But just because the developer that created Master Chief isn't on the franchise anymore doesn't mean that it isn't in good hands at 343 Industries.

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Sinner101GR2679d ago

Well....if they get the game right, fine. If not....well, we're gonna be harsher to it I think. This franchise has a lot to live up to.

donniebaseball2679d ago

While there are a lot of hardcore gamers that know about Bungie, there are many more people who only know Halo, just like they only know Call of Duty. Sadly for developers, the game brand is more important than the studio. Microsoft and Halo will be fine.

ForROME2679d ago

I think Halo needs a darker more serious atmosphere now, and def time for some new graphics, I dont really care what they do with spin offs like reach and ODST because I dont buy those, a true HALO game is one with Master Chief ~

Godmars2902679d ago

But how do you get Master Chief out of his armor and keep him as Master Chief? And do you bring back the Covenant as bad guys or even the Flood?

Heck, what's the point of still calling it Halo if a Halo complex isn't involved?

ForROME2678d ago

Why do you need chief out of his armor? You dont

you dont bring back the covenant, you move on to a bigger darker enemy

I say you make 4 runners the enemy

theonlylolking2678d ago

I think it needs to stop having minor changes with each sequal like COD and do something that Halo CE did years ago.

I am still waiting for a Halo Wars 2.

Takoulya2678d ago

A true Halo game doesn't require Master Chief at all. Look at Reach - the game had no iconic characters, just some the numerous Spartans, and had a much better presentation of story than Halo 3 did, or 2. In fact, I was much more involved with the story in Reach and ODST than I was with the previous games.

ForROME2678d ago

Dont agree - Without Chief, it isn't HALO

HALO CE and HALO 2 with Chief were the best

hudsoniscool2678d ago

I do think the future halo games should be darker, like ODST but a little more.

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telekineticmantis2679d ago

I'm not sure about future Halos, but I'll wait and see.

tdogchristy902679d ago

While I'll wait and see, it is hard for me to imagine halo without bungie. Bungie did create and cultivate it after all. And the fact that it's yet another trilogy...I mean how far can you push a story. We'll see though.

marioPSUC2679d ago

I think the next Halo games will still be as great as ever, they still have some bungie employees working in 343

Raven_Nomad2678d ago

Half of 343i is ex Bungie. Including Frank! The game is going to be like every Halo but with some minor upgrades. Just like it should be.

Not sure why people don't do a little research. A good chunk of Bungie decided to stay with Microsoft to work on Halo games. The "Bungie" team that signed a deal with Activision and that worked on Reach was 75% different then the team that worked on Halo CE and Halo 2.

otherZinc2678d ago

Thank you, I've been telling haters that for some time now.

I have no doubt Halo 4 will be very interesting, falling to a new planet with new enemies & terrain.