Reggie comments on what to expect with Wii U price, says right value is critical

Reggie Fils-Aime comments on the price of the Wii U and why value will be important.

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zeal0us2677d ago

"And so when we launch Wii U, what we’ll do is we’ll identity a price point that we think we can get 25, 30 million units sold"

guessing 300+ seeing as the 3ds is 250 I doubt they would put a console the same price as their handheld.

avengers19782677d ago

I see 350 to 400 just because of the controller. Also I believe that many of the features will be scraped to make it more affordable. I also believe that only allowing one of these freakish controllers to each console is a mistake, and I don't believe it is to keep cost down, but due to limitations of this machine. I also think nintendo is doing themselves wrong by still thinking that the casuale market that gobbled up the wii; still exsist.

ChickeyCantor2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

scraping features means a punch to the face for developers. They had the SDK's for a while now ( and just got the stable SDK). I don't think Nintendo will do that as it will yet again damage their relationship.

I'm not sure why people are freaking out over the controller.
Unlike 3DS there are no additional CPUs/GPUs. Everything is done with the console itself.
The controller acts as input/output, it can't do anything on its own.
The price will be reasonable.
Accelerometers and gyroscopes are pretty cheap( depending on the type/model, but for games a certain range of detection would be enough so we wont be getting the most advanced chips).
Its a touch screen with single input ( which can't be that expensive).

I'm more concerned with the price of the console itself not the controller.

Reibooi2676d ago


While the controller doesn't have the power of the console in it it does have some kind of graphics rendering capability. The little thing Nintendo showed said you could play simple games on the controller by itself without the console and devs would be able to take advantage of that. That along with all the other tech in the controller will jack up the price and that's not counting the console itself.

I just honestly can't see this being cheap. And if it isn't really cheap I think it's gonna bomb. They already have a problem with the name as pretty much every casual consumer will not bother with it because they bought a Wii used it a few times and that was it and that is what became the main problem with the Wii and the name Wii U is gonna make consumers wonder why they need another Wii.

ChickeyCantor2676d ago

" The little thing Nintendo showed said you could play simple games on the controller by itself without the console and devs would be able to take advantage of that."

Cause I don't remember Nintendo saying that it will work without the console. They showed a minigame for 2 players, but they didn't say it was without the console.

The controller works more like a little tv, it doesn't really render the actually content. It just displays it.

fatstarr2677d ago

300= the price

or 299.99 and it will come with a wii sports or something to demo the system like what they did with the wii

spektical2677d ago

im seeing around 300 as well
but i see the most expensive controller in the last decade at $70 upwards.

nopunctuation2677d ago

I think it will be close to 399.99 thanks to that tablet they are making for it. Without it, it would easily be 299.99.

spektical2677d ago

i see what you did there :P

Horny2677d ago

The tablet can't be that expensive its not even dual touch. My prediction is 300. Anything more than that in Q3 2012 for outdated hardware won't sell. Especially since Sony and Microsoft will drop price or add value by then.

coryok2677d ago

im hoping under $200 or else some fantastic exclusives, ports mean nothing to me when i have the other consoles.

theyre gonna need to at least match the amount of awesome exclusives that sonys putting out. i want nintendo to start giving me uncharted, infamous, heavy rain, warhawk maybe something like god of war demons souls, valyria chronicles, killzone or resistance.
if they want to milk more mario thats fine, they have some good franchises like mario cart and super smash, and i would totally buy those games but theyre not going to get me to buy a new 250$ console.
what i really want is more mature content. mario is fun sometimes but i feel like ive been playing the same game in different ways with mario, and the lack of a good story really makes me regret buying all the mario titles that i buy.

so in short, im not really looking forward to this but if they can get me some games that appeal to me then ill get the console

blumatt2677d ago

If the thing ends up costing $300 or so, I might get it. Otherwise, I'm gonna wait for more compelling systems (AKA, Xbox 720 and PS4).

Jacks_Medulla2677d ago

I recently discovered the most amazing system of all time,the PC.

kanetheking2677d ago

yet your not playing it?must be amazing.

dredgewalker2677d ago


I've been playing on pc and consoles for decades my friend. There are games I love on consoles that will never reach the pc. If you can set up an expensive rig then it's not hard to buy a console. I never really got the point why some pc gamers look down on console owners. Great games will always be fun to play no matter if it's for the pc or console.

Jacks_Medulla2677d ago

You misinterpreted my comment. I literally just discovered PC gaming. I have been a console gamer since the Sega Saturn. I own both a PS3 and a 360, but it wasn't until recently that I built a rig and started playing on the PC. I(I'm not sure why) prefer playing on the PC.

dredgewalker2677d ago

Your comment was short and it holds a double meaning so it's easy to misinterpret. I apologize if I was wrong. I'm honestly surprised that you just discovered pc gaming, I started gaming on a 386 pc back in the days along with my Atari and Intellevision. My current rig is 3 years old and as long as I can play games on it decently I'll hold off the upgrades. It's good you know what you prefer and it's not bad as long as we respect other people's preferences. Anyway have a good time gaming with your new rig, it's quite fun to play on a pc that you've built.

Horny2677d ago

You probably prefer it because you built it. It's more personal that's why its called a pc ;)
Me personally I like to have all systems. It's about time for me to upgrade my pc soon its 3 yrs old. Don't have the money to invest yet so I think ill wait for next gen to come around.

meganick2677d ago

Only if you're really into MMORPG's and/or RTS's. Otherwise, NO!

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