Mortal Kombat's Kitana Cosplay Gallery

VG Cosplay: "If you've played Mortal Kombat in the last decade or watched any of the movies, television shows or animated series, you know who Kitana is. Princess Kitana is 10,000 years old, but looks pretty dang good for her age since she appears to be in her early twenties."

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BeaRye3504d ago

Out of Jade and Kitana, I'll take Kitana every time!

charlescox43504d ago

At least you didn't say Mileena. Can't get past the half-gone face. What about Sonya Blade though?

Ser3504d ago

Nah, son, Mileena's where it's at. :)

Exquisik3504d ago

Every time I think of Mileena, I think of this scene...

ATiElite3504d ago

I know they put a lot of hard work into the cosplay outfits but for some reason these are not sexy enough.

the one chick has a nice outfit but she looks like a dude

Tdmd3504d ago

There must be some pretty dudes where you live!

nopunctuation3504d ago

Mileena is the best hands down. Just imagine how she would be in the long as she kept the mask on of course.

LordMegatron3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I've always been a Jade guy myself, but
definitely liking the Kitana cosplay ;)

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VG_Releaser3504d ago

The women of MK have nothing on any Capcom game. Street Fighter, Dark Stalkers, and more all kill MK.

jonlynch3504d ago

You're insane. I mean that on a couple levels, but don't have time to list them all.

Kon3504d ago

Sonya Blade is the hottest of all MK characters.

BeaRye3504d ago

So true. The original Sonya and brand new one are the best. There were some weird Sonya designs in the middle.

mafiahajeri3504d ago

UMAD BRO0o!!? mileena is the hottest by far if anything sonya looks like a guy...

rezzah3504d ago

I think she just has some of the biggest tits in the MK franchise, other than that Jade and Katina beat her in beauty.

TroySoul3504d ago

Nah man. I had high hopes for them when their faces were covered, but when their faces were shown in its entirety, Kitana was "sub-meh" and Jade was "Satisfactory." Sonya definitely wins.

Bolts3504d ago

For some reason Sonya is getting more and more man-ish in these MK games. She was terrible in MK vs DC.

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